Dark Meditations with Archangel Samael

Hello. It’s me.

This Mercury Retrograde has been..annoying, to say the least. But now things should get back on track, hopefully. I’m still working on the next book, which has now been in the works for a while now.

There’s also some major changes coming to both the Blog and Patreon.

I’ve also gotten very busy lately in life, especially my non-occult pursuits. Recently, my magick has evolved in big way. The knowledge that I have sought after for a long time, is finally being revealed to me, and I’m being asked to share it. I’m trying of course, but it isn’t always clear how this stuff should be made public.

I’ve always strived to make the contents of this blog as clear and accessible as possible. But in the pursuit of that simplicity, I’ve somehow managed to make everything complicated.

It’s polarity. What is simple takes more effort to understand. What is complicated is easier to understand.

For example, imagine a complex math equation. Such an equation can be written in just one line, but it represents years of study and work. To the average person, it looks like gibberish, but to a mathematician, who understands the symbols and theorems behind it, everything is very clear.

On the other hand, we could show the entire proof of the equation. We could fill an entire page with formulae, showing how we arrived at the equation. This makes the task of reading it a lot harder, but now any person who knows basic arithmetic can follow along. But, this means true mathematicians must sit through a lot more tedium just to get to the point.

So who should I write for?

I think there’s enough material out there for absolute beginners of magick, and often such material doesn’t go deeper. It doesn’t need to. So why cover trodden ground?

What’s the point going over pages upon pages of theory and tables and correspondences? What’s the point explaining, for the 1000th time, how to make a sigil or charge a candle? Why would anyone need to read an article on Between the Pillars for something like that, where there’s already hundreds of five minute youtube videos explaining it?

You see, I was afraid. I didn’t want to be the crazy guy, standing in the city square, ringing a bell shouting “it’s a lie, it’s a lie! History is a lie, culture is a lie, religion is a lie. They’re lying to you! They’ve been lying to you for twenty five centuries!!”

But now I think: why do I need to go to the city square? There are enough people to do that. I could also be the crazy guy living in a hut in the forest, saying the same thing but only attracting the attention of those who would care to listen.

I’m a bit of an elitist, which probably comes as no surprise to anyone. This knowledge isn’t for everyone, and I won’t pretend that it is. I want to share what I’ve learned with others who are on the same page, with those who understand, because that’s how our community grows and evolves, and how new ideas are generated. The longer we pretend to involve everyone, the longer we delay.

And if it scares or upsets people, so be it. Fear is all they’ll ever know. No more hiding.

This is a blog. A blog is like a journey. My journey. Today, I’m going to share an experience I had recently with the Archangel Samael.

Revisiting Samael

My invocation of the Archangel Samael was the very first post I ever made to this blog. Over time, I have made various edits and cleanups, and a few years back I went and updated all the older posts on the blog, including that one. The updates were mostly addendums about how my opinions about certain things had changed, or how my understanding had developed or evolved. At times, entire concepts from older posts had become obsolete. Instead of just getting rid of them, I simply included an update regarding them. This way, people can read the original material along with my evolving opinions.

Most occultists change their opinions and beliefs extensively throughout their lives. Dogma is really bad for magick, and if you read the works of any prominent occult or esoteric writers, you will see they rarely ever ‘double down’ on things they previously believed. That doesn’t mean what was believed before is ‘wrong’, merely that it has served some purpose and now is no longer needed. That’s how spiritual evolution works.

The Archangel Samael is a very, very important and prominent part of my magickal journey. Despite this, I haven’t written much about him, and that’s largely because there was a massive gap between my early days of spiritual dabbling, and eventual initiation into the Golden Dawn system, where I rarely invoked him in any major way. Yes, there were times when I called him, but it was never something to write a whole blog post about.

The experience I’m going to write about today is a recent experience that’s actually worth sharing.

Not a ‘ritual’ exactly. More like a meditative trance I was guided in the middle of the night. I was half asleep, which is apparently a great time for spiritual work and to receive messages. According to Samael, conscious resistance is very low, and information can be downloaded easily.

As I recently explained on my Patron, spirit communication does not happen in words. Rather, it takes place in the form of impressions, which the conscious mind then unpacks and translates into language. When a trance is deep, the impressions are all that come, and barely become words. That was the case here. So all the messages I write are actually paraphrased, rather than straight dictates.

At it’s purest and highest forms, such communication is even more sublime. Rather than impressions, a whole concept or set of information gets instantly understood and internalised. This is called Gnosis, or ‘knowing’.

The Dark Meditation

I did not plan this meditation. But that’s just how synchronicity works. I was going to sleep at midnight, but ended up staying awake till 2am.

It was dark and cold, and suddenly I started to feel like…well, like not sleeping. Instead, the thought of calling on Archangel Samael and meditating came to me. And when I say ‘came to me’, that’s how messages from the Higher Self come. You simply know that a certain thing needs to be done at a certain point.

I was guided to turn off the lights, get some water and sit on my bed to meditate. I was about to draw the curtains, but a sharp resistance stopped me. This ritual was to be done in total darkness.

I was also guided to put on my headphones and use some ambient music for the meditation. At first, I tried some generic choir music. But then I was urged to specifically find thunder, lighting and rain, because those are apt for calling Samael. At this point he was already around, by the way. The ‘calling’ is more a formality to match our wavelengths. So I was about to start, and then it struck me: what mantra or enn to use? I had nothing prepared after all!

Samael told me to go online on my phone, and look for an enn. So I did, and found many, many different people, all with different enns that they claimed was the ‘correct’ version. Then Samael spoke:

“You see how many mantras there are? And they all will work! There is no ‘correct’ mantra, and there never was..”

I was then informed that essentially ALL mantras, enns and hymns, in all religions and spiritual traditions, were essentially barbarous speech. That is to say, one must think of a deity, focus on its energy, and then simply start chanting. The words come naturally, but have no logical meaning.

Apparently, this is how the ancient sages channeled hymns and such, and why most spiritual traditions were oral (for example, the Vedas). But then these utterings were noted down, memorised and repeated. And thus the original effect and power was lost or diluted.

Therefore, I simply began to channel a hymn to Samael. You’ll remember that when I first invoked him, I’d ALSO channeled a hymn. But this time, it was not English words. It was simply incantations meant to push deeper into trance. He also clarified that barbarous speech and words of power are not the same thing. Words of Power DO need to be spoken exactly as intended, and there the sound produced itself has power. It should also be noted that devotional songs, as well as subconscious affirmations neither barbarous speech nor words of power, but two separate things entirely.

Anyway, as I invoked, the darkness around me got thicker, and my heartrate went up. The trance got stronger and stronger, and I fell fully immersed in the ambient thunder and rain. I saw visions of the sky opening, and a mighty angel with many wings descending. It was all in black and white, and completely silent. Absolute silence is a very common aspect of Samael.

Now, here’s how I was directed to do the meditation. It followed a very normal pattern of energising the chakras and aura. Normally, I visualise light entering my chakras, moving down the central channel, and finally radiating out to my aura, energising me. This I do often, and Samael directed me to do something similar, but with darkness instead.

At first, my immediate reaction was to stop it, because I normally visualize impurity and profane energy as darkness. Like for example, when I am taking a ritual bath, I will visualise my body covered in a black ink, and it gets washed away. My subconscious understands black energy as negativity. But then Samael informed me:

“Darkness is not negative. That’s just how you choose to perceive impurity. If you want, you could visualise impurity in any other way, so why choose darkness? Darkness is also the colour of emptiness. Darkness is the colour of the inner void, that empty place where the inner light dwells!”

He then recited the famous Golden Dawn motto I hold very dearly to myself: “The light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not..”. I believe it is a Biblical saying.

Interestingly, I had once called on Samuel Lidell Mathers (the founder of the Golden Dawn who had chosen this phrase in the first place), and indeed he had come. When I questioned him regarding this axiom, he actually gave me a second part of it: “and the darkness hideth in the Light, but the Light seeketh it not.”

In case you didn’t know, the Golden Dawn adepts count, to a certain degree, as ascended masters. It’s easier to call them when you also belong to the tradition.

Samael then explained that he was the spirit of the inner void. He was the emissary of the inner womb, the darkness from which the light shines. He explained that one must look deeper into the darkness, to perceive the light. He explained that this could be a scary and radical act for many magicians. However, since I had already faced many of my fears and overcome many of my complexes, it would be relatively easy for me.

“You have already suffered. You are already emptied, and prepared to receive the Light”

And then I began the visualisation without fear. “Fear is failure, and the forerunner to failure” as the GD axiom goes.

First, I visualised a deep, absolute darkness fill my Crown chakra. Then it travelled down, to my Third eye, and so on, down the channel. Normally I visualise white planetary symbols on my chakras as they fill with light, but now I visualised black symbols of the planets instead. The darkness travelled down, all the way to my Root chakra. Then it coursed through my body, and radiated out to fill my aura.

The light is cold, but the darkness feels warm. I felt empty, barely conscious, and without resistance, fear or doubt. At that moment, everything fell still and silent.

Then it began: some sort of transformation, along with a whole host of messages. I will do my best to recall.

The Messages from Darkness

The Archangel Samael told me the root of his name. As you know, the name Samael is often translated as the ‘poison of god’.

“Indeed, darkness is the blinding venom of God. For the foolish, it can be terrifying. But the wise can navigate it without fear”

He then drew my attention to the secret syllable ‘Sham‘, which is a root word in Hindu tantra, and used for a specific purpose in Kundalini yoga. He told me that this is the real root of his name, and is a word of power. It is also where the term ‘Ha Shem’ comes from, which denotes the 72 fold name of God in Judaism. It is the root of the Persian word ‘Shyam’, meaning evening, and also the root word for Shamash, the Babylonian term for the Sun.

Thus, the Archangel Samael (Sham-ah-il) is associated with the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a feminine, draconic force that rests in all individuals. There’s little more I can say regarding that.

At this point, my back began to hurt. This is quite a common thing that happens when meditating, especially if one does not have a proper seat or cushion. Normally, the key is to simply ignore it and get through it. Samael explained why this is

“The minor pains and annoyances are meant to keep the unworthy away from this knowledge. This knowledge is meant only for those who are prepared. This is the first threshold to cross, and very few shall ever cross it. You must resist the urge to stop.”

So I continued despite the minor aching in my lower back and knees. As I know from experience, it goes away in a little while.

I got further messages.

“People fear the darkness because it reflects their fears. It forces them to turn within and acknowledge the emptiness they harbour”

I saw ghosts. I saw phantoms. I saw serpents. A ghost came up, and was inches from my face.

“But he who has recognised that the dakrness comes from within has nothing to fear. No force can harm him, because he recognises that all is within. A mere reflection!”

I saw the creatures melt into puddles of darkness, and then merge into a massive shadow which was emanating from my own body.

People focus only on the light, and neglect the darkness. This halts the process of ascension. Everyday, you meditate on the light. From now on, meditate once on the darkness and once on the light each day.”

I came to realise that I was totally immersed in Boas, Pillar of Severity. I could see orange flames inside me, and a flaming orange Swastika in my crown chakra. I also saw a white, glowing symbol on my root chakra, shaped like a wheel. They looked..organic.

“True symbols of power are revealed in visions, but people are unable to copy them. So they become simplified, distorted and eventually lost”

I then realised that this weird wheel like thing, which almost looked like an iris drawn in chalk, was the actual symbol of Spirit. It dawned on me that this was the original inspiration behind the more well known symbol:

It looked a lot more organic and ‘real’, and it dawned on me that all magickal symbols were simply an approximation of the real thing, almost like a motif. The real symbols were too complex to remember and replicate, so simplified symbols were made instead, to act as anchors for those forces. It was like comparing a real object, to a simplified picture of it.

I saw the Tarot card of Death, and I realised that Samael was the very embodiment of it. He brought death, upheaval and rebirth. To many, Death represents the absolute end of things. But to magicians, it is in fact an important threshold to cross in order to truly awaken.

I was then told that I was at the second threshold of the meditation: boredom and emptiness. I was told that now a strong desire to end the meditation would come, believing that all the work was done. Instead, I should continue. I was led to bend my back downwards, while still sitting, so that my head was touching the ground.

“This posture causes blood to rush to the head, activating the spiritual senses and pineal gland”

I then realised that both Hindus and Muslims do this. We place our head on the ground during or at the end of prayer, but it is normally a sign of prostration and submission.

A misunderstood gesture. The true purpose of this gesture was to bring blood to the head, and bring alertness, activating the psychic senses.”

As I sat there, head down, I was told to cover my eyes and “focus on the void”.

Then I sat up again, and now I could feel an immense power rising up inside me. A chill passed through me, and I was covered in goosebumps. And then the energy and adrenaline exploded inside me, spreading out my heads in rapid, spontaneous movements. I was reminded of traditional dance. I realised that religious and traditional dances were originally a way to channel and direct energy this way, and modern dynamic dance forms still do this. The products of culture: dance, language, song and art, were never meant to be repetitive, reproduced or dogmatically adhered to. All of it was meant to be natural expressions of the energy that builds up inside.

And then I was done. I was a bit tired so I fell back on my bed. The Archangel Samael commended me on making it through that. I asked “So, are we done”

“We are never done. This was the first part of the meditation. You can rest and continue later”

But I asked why I couldn’t just do it then and there. I wanted to see how far I could go. So I told Samael “take me as far as you can”

“How far I can take you: no person can go”

“Then take me as far as I can go”

Then I sat up, after a bit of rest, and began meditating once again.

The Light Meditation

The second time was a more standard meditation. I visualised a beam of radiant light, as often. But it was so much more powerful than I have ever felt. Once again, I visualised white light coming into my Crown Chakra, then down the channel to the Root, fill my body and radiate into my aura. The Light was bright, cool and full of life.

It was not Samael now, but another figure. I could see a vibrant purple. As weird as this may sound, the energy felt almost ‘biblical’.

It was the Archangel Metatron, as I would later realise. And he told me a variety of things. By then I was so deep in trance that I could not comprehend most of it, but I must have downloaded all the messages subconsciously.

He told me that the ancient prophets, magi and sages underwent similar meditation.

“When the sages of the past, emerged from their meditations and went into the world, they faced ridicule and mockery, and they were attacked and challenged. But they were not affected, for they understood that all they saw and encountered, was an expression of themselves. And so, they laughed in the face of adversity and mockery, and no harm could come to them”

I was also told:

“Spirit is immortal and everlasting, and it has no need to fear. It cannot be touched or harmed, and nothing can exist, which is not part of it. Therefore, have no fear before anyone, for you can accomplish anything.”

The visions came further. I saw old men and women, from all over the world. They were from many different times and of many different races, in many different garbs. They were invoking the mysteries, and they had ascended and seen the inner light.

“You have no idea how powerful you are. This power should not be ridiculed, nor underestimated. Never profane that which is sacred”

I saw purple spirals, like rolling wings, before my eyes. It was all lighted up, like someone shining a torch in my eyes. Now, this is pretty standard for meditation, and has happened before. But it was somehow more powerful, more grounded.

Often, meditation makes me feel light and disconnected. But now I felt immersed in the world, in reality itself.

I saw the dark and the light body next to each other. And then, they merged, and overlapped, and became one. The chakras were neither light nor dark. Instead, they were like black balls of crystal with a powerful light shining inside them, making them glow.

“The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not. The darkness hideth in the light, and the light seekest it not.”

I was witnessing Spirit shine within Matter. The union of the Male and the Female.


I was told that this was, and always has been known to the great Masters. But it is generally not spoken of, and kept hidden. It was only taught to students who were ready.

But secrecy had caused the knowledge to be distorted, and misunderstood by the masses. It had created the false dichotomy of Spirit and Matter, and matter, the feminine, was suppressed. Spirit, which was masculine, having lost its connection to Matter, appeared tyrannical and harsh, like a wrathful God punishing his subjects.


Am I telling you to try this meditation?


But, it may be different for you. Essentially, the Archangel Samael told me that every type of meditation has two forms: a light form, and a dark form. Both should be done. Over time, both shall happen simultaneously.

For example, when you meditate on the chakras, and fill them with white light, you should also do one for darkness. Every meditation of light has a counterpart, which is the same meditation with darkness.

As I’m sure you know, the work of magick produces obstacles. When we, for example, start invoking the light, it forces our life to become purified. We may be forced to shine a light on those parts of ourselves which we are ignoring, to let go of toxic beliefs and ideas, and so forth. Invoking the darkness is similar, and can only happen when a person has internalised the light.

Otherwise, instead of power, you shall find repressed memories, fears, complexes, and all sorts of other hidden aspects of oneself. The darkness will become scary, and terrifying.

I’ve done the darkness meditation several times now, and at one time I was faced with waves and waves of terror, and I became paralyzed with fear. Then I faced it once again, but this time I was not afraid. It’s hard to put in words. But, I was told that this is a test. Each time I maintain my calm, and face the terror, I grow stronger. It subsides, and dissolves like a mirage.

Reminds me of that scene from the new Dune film (which I have already watched three times because I love it), where Lady Jessica is reciting a prayer against fear.

This is not a practice for beginners, because it will test you. But those who have already internalized the light, who have already faced their fears and and redeemed their inner self, this may be a vital practice. This may be why so many of us, who have fully internalized the light, begin to feel weak, ungrounded or unable to face the darkness of the ‘real’ world. It’s because this crucial part of the puzzle was kept hidden.

An Angel once literally told me “The ancient magi, fearing that the key would fall into the wrong hands, broke it into two, and scattered the pieces in different directions”.

This is the other part of the puzzle. The darkness, or Matter, is a receptacle for the light of Spirit, and must be invoked by a balanced adept. It will give much needed strength and a feel of connection to the world around.

This is real. This is really how it is. So do with it what you will. I will see you soon.

~Peace and Farewell
White Raven Invictus

Samael: An Almadel Invocation

Written May 9th, 2016 | Edited: 25th February 2019

Bear in Mind that everything written here was written by a young, novice occultist who was just starting to write.

A few weeks ago I did an invocation of Samael, and it was also my first experience working with the Armadel. If you want to know more about it, try the Grimoire of Armadel by S.L. Mathers.

The invocation was done on Tuesday in the Hour of Mars during the waxing Moon. I do pretty much all my magick, except bindings/exorcisms, during the waxing moon. I’m a non traditional person, so I did not follow the working EXACTLY as it was prescribed in the book, instead taking John Dee’s advice on following your heart and doing what your gut tells you when invoking angels. I think this is a good title for my first blog post, and I hope you find it informative.

EDIT (2019): Generally following the gut instinct is good. I am a very traditional practitioner these days, but it also happens so that many Grimoires have incomplete or misleading information in them, and are heavily influenced by personal bias. However, the Armadel is not one of those. On the other hand, many grimoires, like this one, have needlessly long rituals and formalities that are not needed for a modern practitioner who knows what he is doing.

Who is Archangel Samael?

The first thing before any invocation is getting a good background on the spirit being invoked, and luckily for me, I’ve read about and worked with Samael since the beginning. Mythology often is not a record of stuff that literally happened, but stories our ancestors wrote in an attempt to understand and explain the natures of beings on higher planes, but which often ended up altered and corrupted over the ages.

EDIT (2019): All “workings” I had prior to this were mostly meditations and channeling. None of it should be considered on the same level as an actual Invocation. I largely did not know what would happen either.

In the Talmud, he is the ruler of the fifth (sometimes seventh) Heaven, and the Angel of War and of Glory, who rules over the Planet Ma’adim (Mars), although on the Tree of Life the ruler of Mars is Kamael. He is part of the heavenly host, but also rules Death.


Samael means “the venom of God” in Hebrew. In the story of Adam and Eve, Samael is the Serpent who tempted Eve into eating the fruit, so naturally they equated him to Satan/Lucifer. The reason his name varies is because all of this stuff was taken from many different sources. I’m not going to get into the history of these two religions, but in the Serpent story he is specifically called Samael, not Satan or Lucifer (the Eden story is much older than the more recent rebellion story, going back to Mesopotamia).

It is written that he later left the Garden and became Lilith’s consort, and they had a son, the Angel Sariel. There’s many later stories of him, but most of these came around AFTER all the drama that happened to Christianity in the late Roman Empire.

EDIT (2019): The account I had given of Samael is derived from different sources both archaic and contemporary. The story of HIM being the Serpent largely comes from the meditations of Sufi saints. The Judeo-Christian mythology has many versions and interpretations.

At other times in Hebrew lore, he is known as the Angel of Death, whose job is to collect souls of the dead. He also plays the role of “accuser” and “destroyer”. There are three other stories of him I found.

One, where Jacob, an important Biblical figure, saw him in the highest heaven, tall and with burning eyes, and was informed by Metatron that this was the Angel of Death, Samael. This comes from the Book of Enoch. He is the Angel who protected Esau

He is also the one who stopped Abraham from killing his son, although in the Bible it does not mention Samael by name. I believe this interpretation comes from Samael Aun Weor.


He was said in Rabbinical writings to be the patron of Edom/Rome. Naturally this is false, because the Romans were pagans, and did not pray to angels. I think this might be because Samael was the Angel of War, and the patron of Rome was Mars, the God of War.

I guess the Rabbis, being Abrahamic, equated Mars to Samael. Also, since it is said the Romans crucified Christ, I guess this was a good way to put them in bad light. Remember, by now Samael was already equated to Satan and Lucifer, and this way they could make it sound like the Romans worshiped Satan himself (ah, glorious misinformation).

Now, to the occult. As I said, Samael rules Mars, but is not on the Tree of Life (he’s on the Qliphoth though. This might hint at his role in ruling the “darker” aspect of Geburah), or even in the Shamharphorasch. Kamael rules the sphere of Geburah, which happens to be associated to Mars, but there’s still space for flexibility.

Samael has become pretty important as an Archangel distinct from Kamael to modern occultists, especially since he is part of the seven Archangels in Armadel, and is said to rule over the occult, magick, jurisprudence (fancy word for legal studies) and necromancy, and is also a protector against evil and threats (in the Christian occult sense, he was said to be the protector of missionaries in foreign lands).

EDIT (2019): This may be because Samael has inherently “foreign” or alien qualities about him. Being both an entity of Darkness and Light, he would be associated with both the Known and Unknown. Protector in a foreign land is pretty good archetype to assign to him.

He is the Angel of Death, Destruction and Wisdom (also Lust and War) and I think he suits the planet Mars, but suits Saturn too. The God Mars was also known to be a bit of a rebellious kid, so I feel Samael too, rules of rebellion, liberation and freedom. After all, rebellion is often violent, and his might be the source of the story of Lucifer’s Rebellion and the subsequent War in Heaven.


An interesting thing of note is that he is both ruling over Wisdom and Death. I could not help but think about how the Hindu God of Death, Yama, is also known to be very Wise.
The idea that there is wisdom after death is common. And the Serpent of Wisdom and the Serpent of Destruction are also a common occult themes (think of the Caduceus)

He’s basically the average emo teenager’s dream. Before the occult, I too was an emo teen, so I guess now you know how I got drawn to Samael.

EDIT (2019): I was never emo, just very interested in spirituality, but never content with organised religion.

The Altar

The altar that is given in the Almadel, is for use in evocation. Since this was an invocation, I did not make a physical almadel, which is basically a wax altar with stuff written on it. Instead, I just took my altar table and laid it out for Samael. I don’t have a picture of it, but this is what was on it:

My dagger and wand
Samael’s seals (I made both of the seals from the book, one round, one square)
A red candle
A Black Feather
A Red Stone

I had actually made two swords out of cardboard just for fun, years ago. I placed these of either side. You can probably put a real sword, knife or dagger.

EDIT (2019): All you really you need is one Seal, maybe with the Angel’s special behind it, a red candle, a circle and some incense. For Samael, some iron might be nice too.
Everything else is optional. Do what feels right, build a space that will help you Invoke. Remember, these are simply to aid YOU, not help them come. They come when called.

The Incense and Seals

The incense I used was of the Martian variety. So in other words I just threw in Martian herbs in a mortar and pestle until I was satisfied. Most are common kitchen ingredients. I put in:

Chilly Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Red Chilli, dired and ground 
Coffee (Samael seems to like coffee)

After it was on the charcoal, I also added a few drops of Basil Essential Oil.

For angels, incense in enough. They don’t care if you give them food, as they are not Gods. You can choose to give alcohol, whiskey in this case, but I didn’t.

EDIT (2019): Offer whatever you can. Be generous. It’s not about the offering, it’s about gratitude, and the willingness to sacrifice. These things extend way beyond just Rituals. A poor man who will share his bread with you is more virtuous than the millionaire who has to unwillingly decide to give you the last sip from his day old bottle of champagne. This is Jupiterian law.

Now for the seals. I made both seals on some cartridge paper. I made them both in the Hour of Mars.

The Invocation

I did not follow the actual language of the Almadel, instead choosing to just call out to Samael. I listened to some binaural beats with the frequency of Mars.

I stared into the flame, entered a trance, and then just began chanting whatever came to mind. I can’t recall exactly, but it was a Hymn for Samael. I did not track what I said, but that’s fine. It’s your choice really, you can chant like this, memorise official invocations, or just do whatever feels right or is part of your own tradition. The best would be hymns and mantras, be they your own, channeled, or historical. There is nothing wrong with ready out of a paper either. Angels tend to come immediately, and so did Samael.

Samael’s Visit

So first of all, he scolded me about a bunch of stuff I was doing wrong, specifically when I asked for guidance. He said I had to stop obsessing over divination and try to do my own thing more. I asked him some personal things too, and this being an invocation, I also gained many things and insights that have helped me on my path, some during the invocation, and some after. He also told me to be strong and overcome my fears. I’m not going to talk too much about the personal stuff, but about more generic stuff.

His energy feels hot, intense, and powerful, like a warrior, but it’s also got a sense of liberation to it, as if you’re a freedom fighter, and you just defeated your oppressors. On the other hand, he also gives off the feeling of a wise Hermit, who has seen a lot and has a lot to teach. I actually asked him to help me learn certain things too, and so far I have had good results.

I’m going to clear out the devil myths too. I asked him straight up if he was Satan. He said no, that’s just Church propaganda. Was he Lucifer? He said there was indeed a being by that name, but he was not him. He said he was not Azazel either, or a Goetic king, or even a demonic king. At the time I forgot about the Qliphoth.

He said people have a tendency to succumb to greed, and tend to use his power’s for evil. He does teach necromancy, magick and calling on him can make you energised and give you fighting strength. It’s easy to see how all these things can be used for harming others. THAT’S the meaning behind the Eden story. He can lead you to wisdom, but one can be tempted to use that knowledge and power for Evil, as many often do (cough the media cough the politicians). War and revolution too, though they led to death and destruction, were necessary for Universal balance.

EDIT (2019): Samael is indeed a Ruler of the Qliphoth, as well as the Archangel of Mars. Samael is considered the Highest among the Qliphoth, over even the sphere Thaumiel. Given how the Qliphoth is generally said to be the result of unbalanced forces in Geburah, this has a lot of implications.
Secondly, the Eden story means FAR more than just this. But the simplest way to put it is this: Kamael is the Archangel of Geburah, while Samael is the archangel of Mars. The Sephirothic angels and Planetary angels can differ in some cases.

So, did he hate us and want us to commit evil? Of course not, he, like all the other Archangels, played a certain role and wanted to help. He also reminded me that “good” and “evil” are just a matter of perspective, and from his perspective the Universe looked very, very different than what it looked like to us. For example, a pacifist might say War is evil, a pro life activist might say Death is evil, a fundamentalist Christian might say knowledge is evil, and to the layman, the word necromancy sounds evil and deranged.

He also played another role, which was to guide the dead souls.

He told me there were no “rulers” of planets, and both he and Kamael were associated with Mars, much like both Michael Jackson and David Bowie were associated with Music. But do either of them rule music? No, even if you call them King of Pop. Music is it’s own thing. However, Kamael is the Angel of Geburah, not Samael.

After that I thanked him and ended the ritual.

There is one important thing I have learned from him, which is protective shielding, but i’ll go into that some other time.

EDIT (2019): At the time, I was not capable of understanding anything beyond this fairly crude metaphor. Of course, multiple Beings can be assigned to the same Sephiroth/Planet. I did not understand at the time that all these were simply systems of correspondence. Also, for protection click here or here or here.

So, I guess this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this rather long post. It’s my first post, and I appreciate feedback, so I can improve my future posts. Farewell for now. You can also follow me on Instagram @WhiteRavenMagus

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