A Powerful Invocation of Lucifer [Pt 3]

Written July 29th, 2016 | Edited: 4th March 2019

Part One | Part Two

Interactions with the Morning Star

So I began with the standard greeting you normally give spirits, and went ahead with the ritual. I first asked him for help with some personal things, which he readily agreed. He behaved not like a Goetic demon, meaning there was no pact involving “I’ll do this for you, and in return you give me this”, but rather like a Greek deity. As you know, you don’t barter with those Gods. Instead, you revere them, and make frequent offerings, and every now and then, ask for things in return. You won’t incur their wrath if you don’t always repay every wish with a offering (although this depends on the God. Lesser Gods can be wrathful, but “true” Gods don’t). Anyone who’s pagan will understand.

Perhaps he is a Greco-Roman deity after all, rather than a Abrahamic Demon. Or maybe that’s just how I perceived him. To be honest, I was too overwhelmed with emotion to say much. He did say though “don’t get swayed by emotion! be calm and in control”.

I continued talking to him. He had a hell of a lot to say. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a long invocation before. He talked endlessly for about an hour, and I wrote down everything. That’s probably why this post is so big, but then again, the Bringer of Knowledge will obviously end up imparting lots of knowledge. That’s what he’s known for. Let me write some of the generic things he said, that he’d want publicly shared. You may have heard some of these before.

“When you’re indulgent, carefree, fun and loving, you become a beacon and everyone is attracted to you. These are what make some shine and stand out, and be adored..”

“Call on me, and you shall have what you want…”

“Indulgence, euphoria, relaxation, sex, light, attraction, charm..I am in all of these..”

“Control your emotions”

“To an extent, I am of Pluto. I am also of the Sun, Venus, Mars and Neptune, and even the Moon. All planets, in fact..”

“No I don’t hate humanity. I find you amusing…”

Did he hate Mikhael? The moment I asked this, I swear I heard a laugh to my right (the direction in which Mikhael is invoked during LBRP), but I was in a trance so I can’t be sure. Lucifer too seemed somewhat amused. Seems this question comes up a lot.

“None can hate Mikael. We are on the same side, but our energies don’t mix. Water and oil do not mix, but would you say they hate each other?…
He is Seraphim. You don’t mess with them..
I love him as a brother. We really were brothers in one life, you know, but now we are transcended..
We may have taken physical bodies many times, and even fought..”

Then again, I also fight with my brother. All brother fight, don’t they. Who else are you gonna try your mettle against? (These are metaphors anyway for deeper mysteries).

“We did fight, but we are not enemies. On the plane we are on, hate, anger, pride and jealousy are meaningless..”

At one point he asked me if I was tired from writing. I started to say, “ok i’ll end the ritual”, and he was like “That was a question! I did not give you leave to quit. Are you tired? Or will you continue? It’s your choice, you are the master of this circle!” That was his drill sergeant side. I decided to continue.

(Once again, stunningly similar to Mikhael)

I asked what he was to the Goetia.

“I am to them, like a god and overseer!”

“I create, I destroy..”

“I like fine things, like poetry, prose, art and such. I also like brewing and cooking..”

And I was hit with a bizarre image of Lucifer in a kitchen, with an apron, chopping veggies.

“Yes, I am an Angel, mighty and ancient! At first, you did not know me, and you were afraid. Fear binds you to your plane, but where I am, there is no fear..”

What is your opinion on all those who fear and shun you as the Devil?


“I want them to fear me. It is my job to scare the weak and ignorant. Only he who overcomes this fear, may glimpse at the light that is me…
My kingdom is light and wisdom. The ignorant fear wisdom, like rats in sewers fear the light. One must strive to overcome this fear, or my presence will burn away his senses and shatter his small and narrow system of petty beliefs, superstitions and mindless morals. I am of Pluto! I transform ignorance to knowledge, but I will shatter the ego of those too stubborn to accept knowledge…
Thus, I masquerade as the Devil, to protect those who are not spiritually ready. They rely so much on their ego, doubt and arrogance, that if I shatter it, they will be lost”

EDIT (2019): You will notice here, that this statement was tinged with an pride unique to Solar spirits. It is in their nature, so usually you don’t question it. What Lucifer meant here is actually fairly common knowledge. Human beings have deeply rooted belief systems, and if these collapse, everything in their lives falls apart. This is the reason most Occult orders warn against premature revelation of Knowledge, and why even I am careful what I write on a public blog. Even in my own self initiation, things are revealed to me slowly, like “droplets from an ocean into the body of time”. Even I, at times being suddenly shown the falsity of my own actions or thoughts, have felt myself collapse internally, and felt bitter, angry, alienated, or nihilistic. Magicians usually have the strength to work through such periods, like Job, or Arjuna. But many people don’t, and like Cain they become bitter and resentful. Lucifer said this in his capacity as a mighty God of the Zodiac.

However, for human beings (or more specifically, magicians) it is not the right frame of mind to have, to shun the “weak” or the “ignorant”. Fundamentally speaking, all magicians and occultists are bound to the same limitations as all humans. Even if it is true, that we are somehow greater than them, I have found through personal experience that raising yourself on a pedestal leads to nothing but isolation, suffering and being cut off from the Higher Self. One of the teachings of the Golden Dawn is humility. Don’t look down on others. Everyone is suffering, even the demons and angels and gods. Suffering is constant. And everyone tries their best. There’s something extremely evil about dismissing someone who is doing their best to be up to your standard, as “lesser”.
Trust me, I’ve seen remnant traces of the caste system, belonging myself to the Brahmin caste, and what such beliefs do to people. The sense of entitlement that comes from belonging to a “pure” of “high” bloodline like tear your humanity apart.


“I like Luciferians, but I wish they’d talk to me more”

If you don’t know, many Luciferians are atheists and don’t actually believe in Lucifer, or magick in general. They think it’s all an illusion of the mind. I’ve dealt with many theistic Luciferians though. In general, I respect them, even the atheistic ones. Although I am more rooted in tradition and orthodoxy, I can understand the need for a rebellious current. I also partly tap into that rebellious current.

“For me, burn fat in a container of gold, or a candle which is yellow or white. Sing, dance, indulge and create! Let there be celebrations! Reject all oppression, liberate yourself from fear through knowledge.”

“Party hard. Partying means doing that which you love, not just drinking and pleasuring (unless one enjoys that the most)”

“Destroy ignorance wherever you see it, and seek knowledge”

Destroying ignorance is not the same as destroying the ignorant. That’s the fine line between the Just and the Tyrannical.

“He who is happy, has found the answer”

The candle burned for 13 hours straight. This is interesting because normally ghee lamps burn for a few hours.

Post Invocation

As he said, he will give you what you want, and very quickly. But it works only with things you truly want, things you REALLY desire, especially material things, so please don’t go begging Lucifer to get you a girlfriend or asking him to fulfill petty whims and fancies that you can easily do yourself or with your own magick. 

Imagine you’re out shopping, and you really need something, but can’t find it, even after searching in multiple shops. You don’t even need an altar or circle. If you simply call out and ask Lucifer to give that thing to you, chances are it’ll show up in the next five minutes, or in the next few hours at most. Lucifer is very quick and gives you what you really want or need. In exchange, set out nice food or beverages for him from time to time, draw him or compose poetry or music in his honour. Or just burn candles. Whatever you’d normally do for a pagan god.

Most invocations will have a positive impact on your life, but this one had a specifically material one! 


So in short, Lucifer’s specialty is granting your deepest desires, particularly material, and very quickly, and teaching you things that will help you broaden your mind or stuff that’ll make you an interesting person.

He is a great deity to work with if you’re experienced. 

Thank you for reading. Please be sure to follow the blog for more content. You can also follow me on Instagram @WhiteRavenMagus

EDIT 2020: As of July 2020, I’ve written a new book on the Tree of Life and Kabbalistic theory. I’m quite proud of it, and you can check it by going to the Books tab, or clicking right here.

Until Next time
~White Raven

Personal Opinions on Lucifer, Written 2019

So, it has been about 3 years since I wrote this post. Over this time, this has been one of the most popular topics on the blog, and many people have contacted me specifically asking about Lucifer. I thought I should make some clarifications.

My opinions on Lucifer are still more or less the same. He is a Solar deity, and most of the association are still there. By now I’ve realised that even the story of his Rebellion and Fall from heaven tie into the symbolism of the Sun/Tiphareth. In the Microcosm, the Mind is associated with Lucifer. It is the vibrant, sparkling light that guides us in the darkness, and the gateway to all knowledge. However, there is the ever present tendency of Man to become infatuated with his own Mind, much like the tendency of Lucifer to forget that he is also part of the Cosmic Plan, of the One. Thus, Lucifer become a reservoir of the the rebellious energy that destabilizes Order, and creates Chaos. This is neither good nor bad, but contextual. In an oppressive Tyrannical system, it is precisely this energy that is needed for the liberation of the Individual. The Individual MUST see himself has exalted above the group, as special and powerful in order to stand a chance against Tyranny. Perhaps this is why most people drawn to Lucifer come from a fundamentalist Christian background. 

However, in a different situation this same energy can lead to the collapse of Civilization. In a free, liberated society, Chaos simply causes degeneracy, alienation and the breakdown of tradition and order. Even if a magician feels he does not need these things, he must not forget about the countless people who rely on it. They are not lesser just because they are seemingly weak.

In such a case, the energy of Lucifer becomes dangerous, and often it is the Orderly and disciplined energies (such as Mikhael/Michael) that are needed for people to make sense of things, and have structure and meaning in Life. Perhaps this is why the reverence of Archangel Michael is so common in the regions of the world where there is currently a lot of uncertainty, such as high crime rates or lack of trust of the government.

Lucifer is what he is. It is dependent on the situation of the Magician to decide whether that is what is needed. Generally, the darker spiritual forces, like Lucifer, Kali, Samael etc. bring Feminine Chaos, while the lighter forces, like Mikhael, Indra, Christ, bring Masculine Order. The key is to balance the two forces, like the ancient Taoist wheel of Yin and Yang. 

Those are some of my reflections on this topic.

24 thoughts on “A Powerful Invocation of Lucifer [Pt 3]

  1. Dude do you have a Word or photographed version of all the notes you took from Lucifer? How much you selling it for? I buy it. I love this guy. Is it alright if you photograph them and send it to my email?


  2. Such a delightful read, thank you very much for sharing! I always felt drawn to Lucifer, but I did not really like the representatives of the LHP. My impression of Lucifer, especially in his ancient forms (Lucifer & Eosphoros) was generally positive. Unfortunately, the whole LHP emphasizes very much on the grim aspects of life.
    Magickally, I’m at the very beginning right now. I’m working with Bardon, still struggling a bit with visualization. However, I wonder if I might be able to use the description in this sentence in order to reach out to Lucifer: ““For me, burn fat in a container of gold, or a candle which is yellow or white.” I’m not talking about evocations (it will take me years to get there) but just as a form of invocative “Prayer”, if you will. I must admit that I feel very much drawn to this entity and I would love him to guide me on my long spiritual path.
    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing! Have a great new year – greetings from Finland!


    1. Thank you!
      And a happy new year from India ^_^
      Yes, I agree the LHP sometimes take a very grim approach too things, and the RHP take a way too rosy approach. That’s why I follow the middle path, but I don’t really criticise the LHP or RHP since I think they should do what feels right to them.

      As for evocations, it actually should take only around 6-7 months of practice until you can evoke. It’s not as hard as it’s made out to be, but of course, invocative prayer works too!
      Invocation and evocation are two separate things serving separate purposes. Lucifer as the Bringer of Light is normally one to invoke.


  3. I am going to attempt an evocation of Lucifer and I would like to thank you for your view of such an undertaking as most of the LHP people always seem to be saying that you need to be powerful and very adept and having read your blog I feel a thousand times more confident that as a relative newby to the realm of magick that so long as you are sincere in your efforts maybe he won’t tear you apart on arrival but interact reasonably. Thank you very much for the blog as it is invaluable.


    1. Thank you very much!
      I’m not LHP, i’m a Middle Path magician, so I can’t really speak for the Left guys, but I’m simply speaking from personal experience, and others might experience or perceive things differently, in line with their own Will, and form opinions based on that.

      No spirit will “tear” you apart as long as you know what you’re doing, especially when dealing with Gods, deities and Angels.
      of course, i’d ask you to be cautious when dealing with proper demons, like the ones explicitly mentioned in the Bible or other traditions as harmful and not perceived as good guys even today.
      Good luck!


  4. I love all your posts so far. I think that I’ve only a few to go.
    I really new at this, so…how do you talk to them? I mean, do you hear them in your head, or using you ears like a normal conversation? If they are in your head, how clear are the voices? Isn’the it scary?
    I’ve being doing LBRP for about 5 months, how can I begin studying evocation (books for example) and which entities are suitable for a beginner?
    Sorry for the questions, and sorry for my English 😀
    Cheers from Argentina!


    1. Hello! and Thank You ^_^

      I’ll try and answer what I can. You see, when it comes to communication, in the beginning I could only interact through gut feelings and emotions that I felt, however, now, it is more like I hear their voice in my head. You know that voice in your head, that talks when you’re reading or thinking, it is that voice that conveys what the spirit says. At first, it may seem like imagination, but eventually, you realise that the things being said come from somewhere deeper than your own consciousness.

      Supposedly, it is possible to intoxicate the senses to the degree where you can hear the Spirits as if they were physically present, but my skill is not developed that far yet. Yoga and Practice is the key.


      1. Thanks for your kind answer!
        Do you have any recommendations as where to start my evocation journey?


      2. well..i’d suggest having a proficiency in meditation and ritual, and having invoked each of the four archangels at least once. Of all the Goetia, Paimon is the one ive worked with the most, and he is very cordial. But then again, what he rules over, that is money, is not something that i’m obsessed with. The trick is to find a Goetia who will not cause obsession, which depends on what your “inner demons” are.


  5. Any recommendation for scrying or astral vision?Are they neccesary for Invoking?
    Love your work from Pakistan


    1. Hello! And thank you 🙂
      You don’t really need any special tools for astral vision. It will develop with practice. Meditation is a good place to begin. Some people rub anointing oil over their forehead and eyelids prior to rituals.
      as for scrying, there are several methods, but they’re usually for evocation. Most common would be a polished crystal ball or a flame for invocation.


  6. A very interesting read. I thought I’d share some of my own experiences with Lucifer, and these go back years, but the most significant time was about three years ago. At that time I didn’t practise ceremonial magick as it seemed to me too contradictory in itself with various, for the most part, uninteligeble “pop stars” like Crowley and Regardie as well as ancient, obsolete folks like Paracelsus. In short, I was one of the average modern age sceptics that rely on rational science a bit too much to explain everything around them, including people. My first “push” towards having an interest in the archetype of this being was the organized religion, some people; mostly work colleagues who were, what I would call, “blind” followers of Bible, filling their spiritual void with what was readily available; the common church teachings and concepts. And I’m talking about the average Joe who only professes his or her faith in God when asked if he believes in something of spiritual nature. I, on the other hand, would look at religion with criticism for a few commonly known to everyone reasons. I gradually started to develop interest in the occult, slowly but steadily turning from sceptic into more open minded person. This kind of interest usually can hardly stay hidden, and me being me, I didn’t even bother a lot to pretend or hide my interest and, at the same time, a questioning attitude towards dogmas. Such a road, of course, usually leads to close minded people not liking you very much. And, if you have spent considerable time in traditionally a Christian country, you sooner or later get busy analysing the phenomenon of Lucifer. Well… I can tell you, you don’t have to be an occultist or magician to begin acquiring some of the Lucifer’s qualities purely by being discontent with religious dogma. That is what began to happen the more I observed a person who’s a typical Christian. You know, that rebellious feeling when you get itchy to do something heretic, like write a heretic song or something… Your mind begins to open up even without any belief that the spirit with that name might be more real than you would imagine it to be. And there it is, the road to discovering that there is more to the world than the powers that be would like you to believe. The more you go down that route of opening your mind, the more rebellious you’d appear to those who like a set system of beliefs. And unfortunately majority of people seem to have always liked a set system of beliefs because it makes life easier to understand and live; the rules in place make it all relatively safe; everyone knows what is what and what is wrong and what is right; you don’t have to burden yourself with useless questions about nature of the world and people and such. This is the first phase of getting acquainted with Lucifer. Even if you don’t believe the being exists. I don’t think I have to mention that all this carries with itself a certain amount of alienation from common folk. But I mention this anyway. Depending on how well you do with being aware of what’s happening and whether you control all that well, you may or may not end up as some sort of an outcast. If you up this point think I’m just telling you a nice tale here, think again. This is something to ponder a bit longer, particularly if there’s any danger involved in becoming alienated.

    The next phase is more individual for everyone. Lucifer will show you what is that you are looking for, since you obviously have been discontent with the status quo of your environment. But you will have to make it your own initiative to go after it, to actually take it. This can turn out to be something dangerous. You may change your mind. And from my experience, this is something you always want think about carefully, to look before you leap. And I assure you, Lucifer always has got plenty to show you, just ask for something that has taken your (usually short sighted) fancy.

    The third phase, depending on how you dealt with the previous one (because you may not make it to the third phase), is when he shows you the way to become a perfect master of yourself. But again, you will have to put effort and do things yourself, with diligence. Nothing less than perfection is expected. This is where I decided to ditch him, or, should I say, stop working with him for good. (Mind you, I didn’t yet take an interest in ceremonial magick.) Not because of effort or work on myself I had to do, but because by that time I had realised that the path of Luc is a dangerous one and I have had enough adventures of that sort, and more than once had to rely on help of other spiritual beings. Now, this sort of thing, you ditching him, is something Lucifer really does not like. You may begin encounter situations in life where you will know what it feels like to be disregarded as not that essential anymore. Me, I began to work closely with high ranking spirit beings to put my life in a different perspective. Trust me, your own free will always counts for something (don’t know about those who have made some kind of pacts though) and you may get to lead a calmer and safer life. Nevertheless, Lucifer is never that guy who holds a grudge. He’s always somewhere around just in case you’d need him and will answer your call anytime.

    Now I am getting to the part where I’m going to tell you what I have learnt about Lucifer’s qualities from the point of view of aspiring magician. I believe there is a good reason for the whole “morning star” thing. There is a lot of Venus in Lucifer. He loves everyone, including himself, in his own way. This is that side of Venus that isn’t about procreation and attracting the opposite sex as much as it is about exploring love beyond the traditional thing, you know, dating someone, getting married, having kids and at the end of life lying in a grave next to the only true love of your life. No. Lucifer is in narcissism, in gay bars, in BDSM dungeons, in swinger clubs. Lucifer is a radical in this sense. That light of knowledge he’s ready to share with you will come through nonconventional, nontraditional situations. This spirit is that side of Uranus that is dangerous.

    You may think this is all just individual and you might have an entirely different experience when working with this entity. Well, maybe it is so. There is only one way to find out. Same as with Goetic spirits, try and use your common sense at every step.


  7. White Raven

    Have you ever asked Lucifer if he is Satan? A fellow over at Infernal Dialogs
    writes that Lucifer is not Satan; do you have other information, like directly from Lucifer himself?
    I have formally dedicated myself to Lucifer as my Patron Spirit. I`m new at this as I have not had the good fortune of Him speaking with me directly. What can He teach? Can He help with learning magic? I assume that Lucifer is more powerful than perhaps Hecate? Can aligning with Lucifer allow me to work with the 72 Goetia Demons is a safe way? You wrote:
    I asked what he was to the Goetia.
    “I am to them, like a god and overseer!”
    So that means Lucifer controls them or at least directs them, yes?

    Thanks and your site is great!


    1. I’m pretty sure I mentioned somewhere that they’re not the same, and what Lucifer’s reply was. They represent different archetypes. Working with Lucifer will probably work out, given that in modern culture he’s predominantly positive and has almost no negative associations, other than indulgence.


  8. This mini-series journaling your time with Lucifer was magnificent and truly had a profound effect on me. I’m new to the left-hand path, as it’s what I personally subscribe to (although not wholly as there are a few exceptions), but I am new to (e/in)vocation despite having hovered around forums and such on this topic for years.
    Only recently have I truly dedicated myself to forcing myself to find things on my own, even if the idea of asking higher entities scared me initially. My first attempt was unsuccessful, but after finding your blog (?) I’m inspired to try again and not just sit meditating until I die.
    It’s absolutely incredible that you’ve decided to share you’re experience with Lucifer here, as there are so many others who tend to patronize new(er) magicians/demonologists for attempting (or even thinking of attempting) to evoke/invoke high ranking Goetic Daemons. The fact that your first attempt was a King is absolutely astounding and while I’m no where near experienced enough (I feel) to even attempt anything like that— nonetheless speaking to the Morning Star himself —its reassuring to know that he’s actually kinder than expected and seems to be very in-tune with those who wish to contact him (even if some of us aren’t brave enough).
    Before reading this I was convinced I would NEVER get to a point where I thought I was worthy to summon an entity like him, no less Lucifer himself, but he seems very fatherly… in a strange sort of way? Welcoming, definitely. I’m unsure how to describe the feelings I’m having after reading these three writings of yours, but it’s interesting and very different than what I was expecting— but not at all in a bad way.
    I apologize, this was awfully long-winded and no doubt a tedious read, but I just thought you should know that your writing and cataloging of these experiences is extremely helpful to new(er) magicians like myself.
    So… thank you. Seriously, you’re doing an awful lot of good here and I aspire to reach a level close to your ability at some point so that, maybe one day, I might be able to meet him, too.


  9. Hello White Raven,

    I really enjoyed reading your experiences with Lucifer. I have a question can Lucifer help me with Astral projection and opening up my clairvoyance? I’m thinking about making a ritual for him or do a simple prayer to evoke him.🙂

    Infinite blessings!


  10. Hello i am also an indian, and not too good in English so sorry in advance,
    What i want to know is when i try to talk to him i should talk loud or may i just whisper, i think he can read and listen our inner thoughts so i can chant his enn in my mind. I know it is a silly question but i really want to know. Thank you


    1. Loud proclamations are traditionally used in magick, and basically any religious ceremony. However, nothing wrong with whispers if you can’t afford to be loud. Just make sure you can hear yourself.


  11. Hi, just curious but isn’t this spirit you say you called an evil entity? And does he really appear like that when he’s called? How will it work if we use say perhaps an ouija board?


    1. Well….not really.
      Once you get past religious absolutes, it seems what is “evil” is actually imbalanced.
      Lucifer, or at least Lucifer as the cosmic rebel (which is the most common modern perception) is not so much “evil” as he is antagonistic. His place is to challenge hierarchies, which can be both good or bad, depending on the situation.
      He also deals with self confidence, charisma, and egotism, which can also be good or bad. Someone shy or timid may benefit from Lucifer, while someone who is already proud or arrogant may experience “evil” imbalance. A tyrannical society may need a Lucifer, while in situation of anarchy or chaos, Lucifer may be like adding fuel to a fire.


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