Archangel Uriel tells me about Manifestation

Written: March 4th, 2017 | Edited: 19th March 2019

Hello, and welcome to my blog! There’s all kinds of things here, from New Age to full fledged Ceremonial Magick. Stay a while, see if you like something. I am White Raven, and today I’ll be telling you a story, that I hope you will find entertaining and informative.

I have a tendency to write long posts, but have patience. I promise it’ll be worth it.

In all forms of Ceremonial Magick, there are four chief Archangels, each attributed to a cardinal direction and alchemical element. They are often called the Watchers.

Uriel is the Angel of Earth, in the West. A little while ago, I invoked her, and this is my personal experience, what methods I used, what I learned, and what happened afterwards. I have also got invocations of Raphael and Gabriel.


The Name and It’s Meaning

Uriel, pronounced “Ooriel” or “Auriel” means “God is my Light”, though you may interpret it as “Light/Glory of God” or “God, the Light”.
It also has a more unsettling interpretation as “Fire of God”, but we’ll get to that later when I talk of the more martial aspect of Uriel that has pretty much been dropped in New Age traditions.

It’s spelled אוּרִיאֵל, and so the numerical correspondence is 1+6+200+10+1+30=248. Interesting fact: there are 248 positive commandments in Judaism, and said to be 248 parts of the body in the Torah.

It originates in Babylon, where people spoke Akkadian, an ancient Semitic language from which Hebrew and Arabic come. Many angelic names come from Zoroastrianism and their 7 aspects/children of Ahura Mazda, known as the Immortal Ones.

In Religion

Note: I will refer to Uriel as “she” but it should be noted that in Abrahamic scripture Uriel is male. While undoubtedly of supreme importance in Magick and the occult, Uriel’s standing in the Abrahamic religions is kind of sketchy, and i’ll go over this briefly.

In Judaism, only the first three Archangels are mentioned by name, and Uriel is only ever named when there is need to add an Angel for the fourth cardinal direction, though he/she is usually seen as one of the 7 holy archangels.

She is generally considered to be the “illuminator” and the source of heat and light, but Uriel also turns martial (from a modern perspective) very quickly. Uriel is often identified as the Angel with the flaming sword who guards the gates of Eden. There is an important mystery here, related to the Path of the Flaming Sword, that can be seen on the Tree of Life if you connect all 10 Sephiroth. If the Triad is the Garden, where do you think Uriel would stand? ^_^
Understand this and the entire post will make a lot more sense, as well as her “darker” aspect.

She was also named as the Angel overseeing “thunder, earthquakes and calamities”, as well as the one who checked for the name of God written in blood outside the homes of the Jews in Egypt. So, along with Illuminator, Uriel also becomes the Angel of Repentance. This is mostly due to the Abrahamic perspective of what “illumination” was, being the same to them as conversion to their faith and repenting one’s sin. (Hint: it involved a lot of bloodshed, mainly of Pagans,  who were usually actively at war with the monotheists, except hat one time they got together to build Solomon’s Temple, which the Pagans would later lay siege too.)

In The Book of Enoch, Uriel is mentioned first as the ruling Angels of Tartarus, and he is also seen as the ruler of Gehenna, which is the Jewish equivalent of “Hell”, or more specifically, the Greek Fields of Punishment. He guides Enoch, the Abrahamic patriarch and also warns Noah of the Flood. Again, connect this to the position of Uriel on the Tree.


In Christianity, Uriel’s story is dependent upon the source you use, but she is generally thought to be one 7 Archangels by the Pseudo-Dionysus teachings. Though she is depicted in Catholicism when talking of the 4 Archangels, she not canonized ,and so her relevance is only to the Orthodox and Protestants. Some interpret her as the Angel of Light, especially Orthodox, while to others she is the Angel of Fire. The Anglicans consider her a Saint.

Within Islam, the 4th Archangel is Azreal, the Angel of Death, so Uriel is not an important part of the religion.

In Magick

In Magick, Uriel has long been regarded as an important Archangel, and is found in several grimoires and sources. In the Grimoire of Armadel, which I’m using here for her seal, she is mentioned as:

“Spirit who did reveal unto the Prophet Esdras every description of Prophesy, he did also aid the Children of Israel in the Camp of the Babylonians. He teacheth natural Sciences, Physics, and Medicine”.


“In this Sigil there be taught the method of understanding what and of what Kind were those twin Souls (namely) Henoch. The faculties of the Mind and Understanding are purified, and these also in such a manner that they may be exalted from the lowest degree unto that which is most perfect of all. By the which composition also there can be a transmission made of the participating Power or that power of communication of the comprehension of Spirits”

Within the Golden Dawn system, she is the Archangel ruling in the North over Earth, generally depicted holding a book or an Earth Pentacle, strong and unwavering. Her symbol is that of a Circle with an equal armed cross, a “plus” inside. The Arms are generally the colours of Malkuth. The Bull, which is incidentally an animal of the Underworld, can be associated to Uriel, as the Holy Living one of Earth is in the form of a Bull.


Uriel is, strangely, not the Ruler of Malkuth, making her the only Watcher who does not rule a Sephiroth. Nonetheless, she will be placed on Malkuth. She stands instead as the protector of Knowledge, and hers is the flaming sword. However, I invoked her as an angel of Malkuth and watcher of Earth. To invoke her other aspect is not something I am ready for, yet.

And I’m guy who’s invoked Yog Sothoth without any bad consequences. I do know what I’m doing, so trust me when I say I don’t feel ready to Invoke Uriel as the guardian of Knowledge.
Tell me if any of you try though, those who get what I really mean. I’m interested to hear about it.

As for astrology, she is not attributed to any Planet since she rules the Earth itself, and her Zodiac sign will be Taurus primarily, and Virgo/Capricorn secondly.


Name: Uriel
Rank: Archangel, Cardinal Angel (Watcher), Guardian of Eden and Keeper of Gehenna in Tartarus
Element Ruled: Earth
Quadrant Ruled: North
Zodiac: Earth/Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Sephiroth: Malkuth
Colours: Black and White (Magick), Green (Alchemy), Orange (Abrahamic)
Magick Symbols: Pentacle of Earth, Equilateral Cross, Flaming Sword
Other symbols: Fire, Scroll, Book

Prep Work and Altar

Uriel is the Archangel of Earth, so there isn’t really a specific time or hour when she is strongest. I just did my invocation on a Monday, at midnight, and it worked out fine. Just like with Rapahel, I used the sigil and made a name plate to go along with it, which has Uriel’s Hebrew name in black on white.

I decided to take a slightly more traditional approach than usual, using a crystal ball.

The crystal in question was a sphere of Blue Anhydrite (anhydrous calcium sulfate). The New Agers call it Angelite, so it seemed apt (also, it’s the only crystal sphere I own, and ideally I’d prefer obsidian).

I put it on top of an Earth Pentacle, and used some stones leading out from the centre to divide the altar into 4 halves, the way the alchemical symbol for Earth is, in which I then put the sigil and name card, a bowl of Earth, a bowl of Salt and the Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card. When it comes to the altar, I don’t really have a scheme, and just let my imagination run wild for each Ritual.

I used a Green Candle and vetiver root as incense (though the Golden Dawn recommends patchouli for Malkuth, vetiver is more suited to my culture).

When I felt like the Altar felt complete and the associations were correct, I pointed it towards the North, did all the preliminary stuff, and began the Invocation.

Update (2019): For the preliminary stuff, I recommend the LBRP, and then Invoking Earth. For this, trace a green invoking pentagram of Earth as you vibrate ADONAI HA’ ARETZ. Then draw a black symbol of Taurus in the centre as you vibrate ADONAI.
Remember to do the same again at the end of the ritual, this time doing a banishing pentagram. The LBRP will also suffice, since it also banishes Earth.
You can also try the more complex meditations prescribed by Gareth Knight, but when I did this ritual I didn’t know any of this and still had success. This is all for that extra umph.

The Invocation

I called to Uriel, and she came. Uriel, ruling over a feminine element, appeared to me as a pleasant lady with short hair, wearing something that looked like a dark kimono. It was the same colour as blackish, fertile earth, the way it would look after tiling. Around her waist was a white belt.

She held a book, and that was it. No wings, or anything spectacular. I guess you would say she was very grounded, which makes sense. She had a sort of protective, wise and motherly feel about her, perhaps because as humans we usually regard the Earth as our mother. And of course, that androgynous, ideal perfection that’s characteristic of Angelic beings, which I have always considered breathtakingly beautiful, though somewhat distant and inhuman (which I guess it is).


At first I was trying to manifest an image in the crystal ball, but instead my eyes kept being drawn to the candle flame. That’s where the manifestation began to happen, but I began to try and force it on the ball, but that broke my trance, and I took some time to go back and see Uriel in the fire.

At this point Uriel suddenly spoke, and told me not to have divided attention.

“The key to any manifestation, is to give it complete focus. Stop being divided and make decisions without fear or hesitation. Look at where the manifestation happens. Do not force it, for it is born first in the Unconscious.”

She also told me to not have a cluttered altar, which is how I’ve seen many altars done these days, and how I did them until this point.

“Don’t confuse the mind. Choose one point of focus, build the altar around it”.
Normally, I’d just have a candle, but I had a crystal ball right next to it, and my eyes kept switching from one to the other. I guess that was some valuable insight for me. After all, the ancient grimoires have very simple settings. It’s only these days that people make overly complex altars. Or maybe it’s just me. I used to keep it simply, maybe it’s time to go back.

Update (2019): Since then I’ve always built simple, focused altars, and it’s worked GREAT!

Next, she told me about the physical body, and how to make it better.

“You, as a magician, strive for mental discipline. The same must be done for the body. As Above So Below. You reject negative, depressing, or inhibiting thoughts such as self pity, though they are gratifying, the same must be done for bad physical habits. It will be painful and hard at first, but rewarding. Do not indulge the body! Learn to abstain!”


The body will naturally try it’s best to match your self image, so first, I’d suggest developing a positive one in the mind, before you go trying to change the body itself.

“All four Great Planes are made of vibrations. They vary in degree, but the Earth plane, your body, does not differ from the mind and soul. Sound is what controls this plane, as thoughts control the mental, and emotions control the emotional plane. The body is identical in nature to the mind and soul”

I thought about this. Sound is essentially produced by vibrations, and as you know, EVERY atom in the physical plane vibrates. Everything technically produces sound, even if it’s inaudible to us. I think she meant that what we hear, the vibrations that enter us are what are the major influencing our bodies the most. Light also vibrates, so I guess vision also matters, but if you think about how many people we talk to, how much music we listen to, i’m sure she meant sound. During a ritual, there’s only so much you can decorate the Temple and visualise,  but you can speak infinitely. Even as a type this, and even as you read this, there’s a voice in your head narrating this to your mind. Your eyes are not the main input for this data. They are telling that voice what to say.

Brain Anatomy - Internal parts

Finally, I asked about a personal problem, namely, how to overcome my chronic habit of procrastination (as I write this sentence, it’s been almost a month since I began this article. Of course, I was very busy for about 2 weeks, but even so I put it off longer than I wanted to.

“The solution is simple, use Magick”

Gee, thanks. Why didn’t I think of that before.

No, really, I was confused, but then I realised it was very obvious.

“Everything is contained and controlled by the Subconscious, which is altered with Magick. The Conscious mind does nothing but observe and interact with the World. It is not what controls your actions and behaviors.”

I should mention, this ritual was done a little after New Year’s.

“Conscious resolve does not mean anything, if the Subconscious programming goes against it. Right now, think of all the people who have pledged to go to the gym. They are motivated, and want to push themselves, but most of them will lapse, because the subconscious will resist anything that goes against it’s conditioning. Magick is not a short cut, so do not scorn it. It is the KEY! The Key to all change, to all things! Magick is the key to the lock that is the subconscious. With Magick, you can condition yourself as you please.”


That made me think. Magick of course, does not just mean rituals. It is a perspective, a way of thinking. I’ll admit, at this time I wanted to get to working out, but I knew that, like before, I would lapse. You see, I’m quite bad at keeping schedules. Daily workout, or studying back when I was in school, even daily yoga: things which were tough, were things I could not keep up. But, there is one daily thing that I’ve been able to keep up: My magickal practice. When I started this routine, I surprised myself that I had not just let it drop.

I asked Uriel’s help in reaching bodily perfection, and thus sealed this into my subconscious. After that, I’ll happily say I’ve managed to workout every single day. Naturally, it is difficult to properly describe every single change that took place in life. After all, self transformation is an continuous process, but this is a gist of what it taught me.

Update (2019): Since then I’ve always built simple, focused altars, based on her advice and it’s worked GREAT!
I’ve also learned to stop procrastinating in the past 3 years, based on her advice. Heck, now I’ve become that guy who schedules his day hour by hour, week for week. To an extent, life is so different I couldn’t ever go back. If I don’t schedule things or be productive, I feel bored.
I’ve also grown older and more mature, but at the time this was what I needed. I could have never imagined finishing work on time or waking up at 7am then, and I was full of self loathing. I also understand that she revealed some very important mysteries, which I could not appreciate fully at that time. I’m also very fit. At the time I could not even imagine not being skinny and potbellied. Now I feel weird if I don’t work out and do yoga each day. As I’m editing this post, I’m just realising that I’m actually not the same person as 3 years ago. I guess no one is. We all change, like the mutable Earth of Virgo. It’s up to us if it’s for better or for worse. So, I say if you need help and advice for your life in the physical plane, finances, careers, body goals etc, call on Uriel for help.
Many magicians I’ve met become infatuated with the spiritual and mental compenent of magick, but totally lose interest from the material world (aka the “real” world) and withdraw into their homes. They will call on the great Archdemons of the black Legions, but to wake up at dawn or go jogging, to deal with annoying co-workers and keep deadlines is torture to them.
Are they strong or weak? You tell me.
Do not be like that. If you’re like I was, raise yourself up.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found my account interesting and motivating ^_^

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Until next time
~White Raven

16 thoughts on “Archangel Uriel tells me about Manifestation

  1. My friend,
    I have come to this page while searching for confirmation (or none thereof) that Uriel is connected to Yesod, the Moon sphere amongst others. You see, Uriel seems to be the only angel which had been placed in different spheres; you would find resources that say he belongs to the sphere of Uranus, Bardon mentions him in connection to Saturn sphere and then there are, of course, the accounts and analogies you have used, namely, the Earth and the cross representing it. But the interesting thing is, the colors Uriel is seen in often are the same as those of the spirits of the Moon sphere, and I am saying this from my personal experience. I have been actively working with this angel for quite some time now, in fact, ever since I did the evocation back in March (Uriel appeared in the mirror as a monk with a scroll). Since every relationship with spirits, especially high ranking ones, is a very individual one indeed, I need to mention that, even though I can relate to advice he’s given to you about magick and exercise, my experience with him has been a lot more intense and on a bit different level; I use dream state a lot for learning, obtaining knowledge and training. And I can tell you as someone who’s got some experience in the field; Uriel far supercedes a good number of other spirit beings in that he has got the exact knowledge and ways of inspiration for aspiring magician to get things right when it comes to astral travelling and mental work; the techniques and exercises. Besides, this angel is able to help a great deal if at any point you’d want to visit a particular spirit in any sphere (and this, in my opinion, is why Uriel doesn’t seem to have one particular sphere for himself). Whatever you think is the dark side of this spirit being, it may only show up if you are going to take it all for granted and begin to be disrespectful towards it. I can also tell you that Uriel’s workings and inspiration goes beyond being a grand initiator in hermetic magick (elements, alchemy, kabbalah), he’s a freedom loving angel-anarchist. Thus far about Uriel.

    Now about some things in your posts about Uriel and Gabriel. First of all, you seem to have been concerned about the altar, and said the spirits gave some advice about it. I would like to mention in this regard that the altar and all the things on it are simply tools for you, not spirits. They do not care what you have or haven’t got on your altar; what matters is your state of mind. The altar helps you to have the right state of mind, the right frequency for invocation or evocation or meditation. Whatever advice spirits might give you, it’s meant to improve your ability to communicate by achieving the right state of mind. With that said, the only thing that is truly important is your complete focus on the spirit and analogies that are proper to it (such as orange color is proper to Mercury sphere, for instance). In this (and many other ones) regard Franz Bardon’s Practice of Magical Evocation can be eye opening and helpful to make things easier to understand, to get them right and thus advance a lot better.

    I must say I look critically at your post about Gabriel. Whatever Saturn is about (discipline, obstacles and other things), it has got nothing to do with the element of water. Firstly, the original element of water is to be understood through the sphere of Neptune, and you’d want to approach it through well developed meditation techniques to understand its nature. Besides, I’d recommend to try and have a meditation or invocation session with Asariel, the archangel of Neptune. As it so happens, this angel works also in the Moon sphere, particularly in some of the Mansions of the Moon. With all this being said, I’m afraid that if you feel your emotions are getting out of hand, the reason may be not the water but too much of fire element. In any case, the only way to “contain” an element in your body is to actually get the right balance of elements.

    Lastly, even though Taurus is the Earth sign, it is ruled by Venus and has got nothing to do with Uriel. Taurus can be helpful for rituals regarding fertility and for attracting the opposite sex.

    Blessed be and have a magical day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. did……did you just say Saturn has nothing to do with Water?
      Like, seriously? Binah, Sacred feminine? It’s Hod, the receptive mother! Saturn is literally the Chalice! It is Water in Briah. It is Isis, it is Shakti.
      Also you say Taurus has nothing to do with Uriel?
      Well, it does. It’s the Ruler of Earth, and associated with Uriel. That is how it is invoked in the GD temple. So does saturn, actually. You know: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, aka Cardinal Earth, Mutable Earth, and Fixed Earth? Saturn, Venus, Earth

      Look, I think you’re following an entirely different system of magick than me. I follow the Golden Dawn system, and all my symbolism is derived from that. I don’t know, if you’re new or experienced, and I do not judge people like this, but you don’t know much about this particular form of invocation, and I assume it is because you follow something else, possibly witchcraft 🙂

      So, I do appreciate your insight, but some of the things you say run contradictory to the GD. And I have to pick one or the other, after all. Mixing systems is a hole I do not intend to go towards. I think it’s crucial to stick to one system, and make that the core of everything you do.
      I do understand what you say about Uriel being Lunar though. It’s natural. The Guoh is generally considered to be not just Malkuth, but also extend to the Lower half of Yesod. Since Archangels are not fixed into a single place, Ureil may very well move between them.


    2. Everything you said about Uriel is spot on. I work with Uriel quite often and I can’t seem to turn much of anything accurate up as far as reading goes up until your comment. I mean there’s plenty of puzzle pieces scattered about but you’ve written the most accurate description I’ve come across.


      1. Thanks for the feedback, Elijah. There is something to add here since there have been some developments in regard to my experience with Uriel. The sphere of Uranus seems to be the “infamous” Daath, about which the information available is even more puzzling and contradictory than Uriel. I have come to understand that Daath is as real as any other sphere in the Quabbalistic Tree of Life, and that’s thanks to Uriel. However, at the same time I have been convinced about Uriel not being the archangel of that sphere (contrary to how some sources would have it). The overall experience thus far has got me to very much believe that Franz Bardon was correct about Uriel and the Saturn sphere (Binah). All the more because Uriel in that case wouldn’t be the only high ranking angel having influence in and on more than one sphere. The same goes about Iophiel (Saturn & Jupiter).

        Two other things to correct in my comment in case anyone is finding something there for themselves. 1) For evocation purposes at least, the orange color is not the best for Mercury being. It is bluish opal instead (please look up some pictures of raw opal to get the glimpse of color tone). 2) Archangel of Neptune sphere (Chokmah) is not Asariel. Classics are likely correct: it’s Ratziel.

        Have a good day.


  2. I have been looking for information on Uriel and I have been trying to locate others who speak with Uriel. I speak with him near nightly, when I get that “before sleep” physical Clairaudience usually, but sometimes at random times through my regular Clairs but in my case I did not seek him out (He comes to me as male) but rather he came to me. I had been communicated with him for weeks before I stumbled onto the name while doing some research for a Client who wanted to communicate with Angels. I had no idea who Uriel was before this. So at this point, once I learned who I was communicating with I asked why he chose to speak to me, all he said was “you are special, many are with you”.i hate even repeating that because I am as far from special as one could get lol..and I’m even further from being arrogant like that, so I just don’t know what to make of it. I have not been given any special words of wisdom but rather just guidance in helping others, I work within many levels of Spiritual jobs, from Minister to psychic hotline, and I also Coach and instruct spirituality programs. Uriel basically helps me make better business decisions so I can help others would be how I would describe it. I’m just looking to find others that work with him, especially those who he sought out like he did me. I’m just trying to makes sense of it all.


  3. Only way to do things is to have God as your navigator…Through God you see and without him, you have nothing. I do have short blond hair and I am a mother, but you did not speak to me, you got a refracted part of a dark mirror which will happen with magic(it’s dangerous) from Auriel


    1. Do you Christians have basically no shame or self awareness?

      God, the Grand Architect of the Universe, is NOT your personal property, nor does he “belong” to your religion.

      So stop making a mockery of sacred things by pretending to speak his Will. In reality you are simply spouting your personal beliefs.

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      1. White Raven, I think it’s a troll. 🙂 Auriel is not even in the Bible, it is a Golden Dawn’s name for Uriel. If you know how to make use of scrying and Akasa, you can try and see if I’m right about the guy being a troll. If he is, you’re dealing with quite a high level here imo.
        P.S. I love those reminders about and from Uriel. What a badass angel!


  4. Btw, while typing the previous comment, I didn’t notice a moth getting into my glass of wine. Sign of the Yesod – Moon sphere. Mate, Moon angels (Google Moon mansion angels or alike perhaps?) may be asking to speak to you.

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      1. Full Moon it was indeed. Only this time I didn’t do any spellworking or rituals as the Moon was in Libra and I don’t particularly have any need for more intense Libra’s energies right now.
        The moth is still here though. I delivered it from the wine and it went to dry somewhere and it’s been sitting for the last couple of days next to my workplace here in the same room. Usually I get spiders as reassurance of beneficial familiars keeping me company every time I’d been calling upon Lunar/Moon spirits (sometimes they even manage to make a web on the mirror of evocation after the session). This time it’s different – it’s a moth and looks like a big queen on the wall. You know, I’ve read all spirits from higher spheres than Yesod have to descend to Yesod to be perceivable astrally (because Yesod is the astral) which makes me think that the moth was a sign from a higher being. Add to that the fact that, from the perspective of numerology when you get the sum of numbers of each of my two previous comments, you get 3 and 9 respectively, and well, perhaps my wine had been empowered by magick of Uriel if he indeed is of Binah-Saturn…
        I mentioned Lunar/Moon mansion angels before. I think I need to point out that at least two of the classic rulers of the Lunar Mansions are actually of the Hod/Mercury sphere – Geliel (or Jeliel) and Azael. And Azrael – well, Pluto… And Asariel might as well be a spirit being of Chokmah-Neptune. Therefore the sources in regards to Lunar mansion angels cannot be trusted fully. But they do give indications about the nature, purpose, qualities of each spirit being that way because the qualities of any one Lunar mansion would be in tune with the nature of the spirit being.


  5. That’s quite a deep story. Thank you for sharing it.
    One thing I’ll say is trust yourself. If you are unsure who can be trusted, then it is that very intuition that you are following right now, which is the voice of the Higher Self, that can be trusted completely. Ability to communicate with them also won’t come unless you try. The right time is when you feel/know it.


  6. Use your dreams! Write the down. It is my belief that Uriel and Ariel are two different entities. If one could describe spirit beings by astrological Sun signs same way people get described so often, I’d say Uriel is Aries and Ariel is Libra. The former is a magician (quite like Tarot’s Magician, only notably quick and fiery), the latter – a seer. Ariel is of Hod/Mercury and can show you anything related to clairvoyance and prediction in your dreams among other valuable knowledge. There is confusing info about angels, including Ariel in various sources/grimoires – like in Moses 7 it says Ariel appears as a “ferocious dog” (really, the shape/form is often an operator’s fault when having their own ideas about how something looks like and not asking for the true form), but in reality the vibe of this being is different.

    The cross in a triangle is one way of making a visual expression of number 7. Embrace feeling, life, love and harmony? Love and embrace yourself?


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