Workings with Lilith

Written: April 17th, 2018 | Edited: 24th March 2019

As promised, my experiences with Lilith. I will do Lucifuge Rofocale soon, I promise, but there’s a few more things I want to write about before that.

Ok, so Lilith. Perhaps one of the most popular mythical figures of our time, and possibly the only figure of such popularity that doesn’t come from Hellenic paganism.

I mean, think about the relative obscurity of most minor characters that only “sort of” fit into the Biblical mythos. Those that have maybe a few sentences referring to them. Unlike them, Lilith has a robust set of non canonical myths about her, several romanticized origin histories, a large spiritual following and a prominent position within pop culture. And the reason is pretty obvious: sex.

Now, I don’t mean to discredit all the other exaltations of Lilith that one would find online and in books. There is an abundance of sensationalized “summon a succubus” literature about her that hide behind click-bait titles (unfortunate consequence of her nature), which inevitably involve mimicking edgy teen novels and possible blood sacrifice.

But, when you dig past all the bullshit written by people who don’t really know anything about magick, you’ll find a wide variety of material on her. Some are just about summoning her for a sexual experience, while others regard her as a pagan deity. Some simply talk about her past and mythos, while others talk about first hand experiences. And trust me, when it comes to Lilith, you really have to dig to find genuine occult stuff. You have to go deep into forums to find that one guy opens up about his genuine occult experience with Lilith. Maybe because of her nature, people are even uneasy to talk about an actual experience, especially one that’s more complex. I don’t think I need to elaborate more, you get exactly what i’m saying.

I’m just going to go ahead and acknowledge all these, and then go in a completely different direction and talk only about my personal encounters, all of which are confusing and inconclusive. Unlike all my other posts, this one is actually going to be about something that I never truly managed to accomplish to a satisfying level, despite years of trying, and now i’m past the point where it has much merit to me. So take everything with a grain of salt.


So, right of the bat, this is not a single detailed experience on an invocation, nor is it a guide on how to actually invoke Lilith. It’s a random collection of events, experiences and thoughts. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting anyway. Let’s begin.

Update (2019): Oh look, I’ve already triggered edgy novice magicians who’ve convinced themselves that certain deities and traditions are their “property”, and that the very existence of someone who has approached what they do from a different path is offensive. You know what that reminds me of?
Christian fundamentalists. Those who act like the very existence of something outside of their narrow interpretation of the Bible is evil. I empathize with all such people, but I have low tolerance for such nonsense.

Also I finally broke through to Lilith properly this year.
I don’t want to add it here, because I don’t want to change the nature of this post. I’ll write about it in coming months. It happened as my magickal practice (I follow the GD tradition) led me to overcome my repressed sexual aspects. After that it was easy.

Lilith in Religion

Ok, first off, get rid of any misconceptions you may have of her from New Age cults. Those stories have their place, but I usually take a very objective approach.

Lilith starts out as a minor character in the Talmud. Unlike what many believe, she was not a Goddess who was perverted, but simply a demon who preyed on men at night, stole babies and was sexually deviant. She was also blamed for sleep paralysis. The dark seductress archetype.

From the purely Biblical standpoint, that’s more or less all she is. As far as I know, she’s mentioned only a few times in scripture, usually associated with demons, and living in the middle of a desert (the Kabbalistic symbolism is important though).

sleepparalysisthumbnailProbably what the oldest conception of Lilith was like.
(Source- My Dream, My Bad Dream, 1915, by Fritz Schwimbeck)

It is speculated that the inspiration for her character, or at least name, might have come from older Sumerian spirits called Lilitu, which appear prominently in the Epic of Gilgamesh, but it’s unclear whether or not there is a real theological connection.

Also, a Sumerian relief sculpture of a woman with bird talons has been making its rounds, with people claiming that it is Lilith depicted as a Goddess. However, I actually bother to fact-check, and it seems historians now believe this is a depiction of the fertility goddess Ianna. So, in religious theology Lilith had a minor role.
And hey, I understand that Lilith often appears the same way. Both Ianna and Lilith connect to the same archetype, but my point is that the people who made this sculpture were not depicting “Lilith”, either by name or nature. As far as they were concerned, this was Ianna/Ishtar. I go into details about this goddess in my post about pentagrams.

british_museum_queen_of_the_nightThis is Ianna, NOT Lilith!
 (Source- British Meuseum)

In folklore, she takes on multiple roles, which at times tie in to other deities/spirits that have similar characteristics. Sometimes, she is said to steal babies from their cot, much like evil Fae. She is also blamed for causing wet dreams, especially in the more sexually repressed periods when the Church condemned sexuality. She is said to be a seductress and enchantress who tempts men, especially to the Greeks who already connected her to figures like Circe and Pandora (the old version as a sly sorceress, not the innocent little girl who opened a box). She is also said to be the mother of succubi/incubi. Often, she is associated with the sacred feminine, the new moon, sexual deviance etc.

Sometimes, in some niche movements, she is associated with the primal feminine force, and associated with the Hindu Goddess Kaali. As a Vedic Hindu myself, I do not take this perspective, as the two are fundamentally different. Both can, however, be seen as a manifestation of the archetypal Shakti. Both Kaali and Lilith are present in the Hermetic kabbalah, more on that later.

goddess-kali-ql29_lThis is Kali. Also not Lilith!
(Source- Dolls Of India)

Adam’s First Wife

Now, this is the one story that made Lilith popular. It’s not Biblical cannon, bear that in mind. You all know the story of Adam and Eve. This is something of a prequel to that.

It goes like this: In the beginning God made Adam and Lilith, as the first man and woman. Unlike with Eve, they were actually made equal, from the same substance, and they lived in the Garden of Eden with everything provided, but couldn’t eat from the Tree and all that (you know the drill.)

However, when the time came to have sex, Lilith took great offense to the fact that she had to be underneath Adam. She wanted to be on top, and Adam refused (and I’ve no idea why anyone would oppose that, lol). He insisted that he could not be under her as she was not fit to be on top. She insisted that they were created equal, and they had a fallout (the first marital disagreement).

In her anger, she utters the ineffable name of God (which is important if you are familiar with Kabbalah) , and rises in the air, demanding his aid, but God strikes her down for pronouncing the name. She then leaves the Garden, disillusioned, and no one is able to stop her. Adam asks God what the hell just happened, who then sends three Angels (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof) to bring her back. They find her at the edge of the sea, and try to get her to come back.

She refuses, and tells them that she was would bring sickness to infants forever. Now of course, that’s less than ideal for the angels, so she promises that if she sees the names of these three Angels written on an amulet that the infant was wearing, she would leave it alone.

She later meets Samael (or Lucifer/Satan, depending on which version you’re using. From a magickal perspective, it should be Lucifer) and has kids with him, thus becoming mother of all demons, and his consort. After this, God created Eve from Adam’s rib, specifically to ensure she was tame.

In some of the newer retellings of this story, Lilith sometimes becomes the serpent who tempted Eve to eat the Apple, instead of Satan/Samael/Lucifer. In this case, the theme of the story changes from the Devil being a trickster or an adversary to Lilith being envious and spiteful. It also shifts the focus from Mankind as a whole to a personal rivalry between Lilith and Eve. It also makes it so that Eve isn’t seduced by the Devil’s charm, but rather fooled by Lilith.

481px-cornelis_cornelisz-_van_haarlem_-_the_fall_of_man_-_wga05250A gist of this tale.
(Source- The Fall of Man by Cornelis van Haarlem, 1592)

It’s a story loaded with metaphor, symbolism and bizarre political commentary all at the same time, and I have a suspicion that it was also a way to sell amulets and/or validate the Hebrew practice of using amulets to cure illness (which works by the way).

I’m actually very impressed that people in that time period were thinking about such complex sexual and political themes. The blatant hint at gender inequality (that would have been prevalent at the time) is evident, though i’m not sure if Lilith is meant to be positive or negative.

A lot of New Agers and feminists claim that this was the original story of Lilith, and that the evil patriarchal Jews omitted it so as to remove her traces, ensuring that no one would ever know about the “first feminist”.

Unfortunately, this story is not actually from the Talmud, but from an 8th-10th Century work called the Alphabet of Ben Sira. As I mentioned, it’s very important, but not canonical. There is no evidence, that this was originally part of the Talmud or Torah.

(Also for the love of fucking GOD stop making shit up. Having your own interpretations is a good thing, but it’s incredibly pathetic to come up with fake conspiracy theories and events that never happened. I saw this way too much when I was doing research. Baseless bullshit without even so much as a mention of a source. People writing articles literally come up with their own make believe events, and every other person then copy/pastes it. I mean, at LEAST have it based on some personal gnosis. Don’t push political ideology into magick. It is profane.)

I’ve said on this blog before that it doesn’t matter what the original story of a Spirit is, and that all myths and legends about a Spirit are relevant, especially the ones which are popular. So, this story, which is effectively Biblical fan-fiction, is much more relevant to Lilith as far as magick is concerned than the orthodox Judaic version, because the former has become very influential over the centuries.

Lilith has been a positive figure for sexual deviance and magick for sometime now, as evidenced in the  Goethe’s 1808 work Faust: The First Part of the Tragedy, in which she is the wife of the legendary magician Johann Faust. This was one of her first appearances in Romantic (i’m talking about the era, not the genre) literature, after which she continues to make several appearances in various fictional works.

tumblr_nvnyxnuish1rv2dfko1_1280Faust and Lilith by Richard Westall (1831)

Nonetheless, when it comes to politics I lean to the Right, and I absolutely despise the distortion of history and truth for the purpose of pushing a political narrative (feminism and new agery in this case). You don’t get to rewrite history, no matter how noble you think your purpose is.

Lilith was not omitted from the Bible, she just didn’t have a big role in it to begin with. She was not a pagan Goddess either, and was seen as simply another demon, until the rise of occultism in the Middle Ages, when she becomes prominent.

Lilith in the Hermetic Kabbalah

On the Tree of Life, Lilith is the first Sphere of the Qliphoth, also known as Nehemoth (Whispers), the dark side of Malkuth. Lilith is also the ruler of the second Sphere, known as Gamaliel (Polluted of God), the dark side of Yesod. Therefore, she essentially represents the temptations/desires of the material plane, as well as the repressed sexuality in the subconscious.

“Yesod is the place of the final forms that become matter in Malkuth. The Gamaliel are the Misshapen and polluted images that produce vile results. The outer form is the order of Ogiel, ‘those Who Flee from God’.”

To Gamaliel, Lilith is attributed and “is the grand lady of all demons. The demons are sometimes considered to be the children of Lilith and is said to be the woman who comes to men in their dreams.”

Update (2019): I forgot to mention, but Lilith has a much higher aspect relating to Saturn. I have not dealt with this aspect her, but it would relate to Binah/Satariel. This is the relation to Ishtar/Ianna and Kaali as well, since all 3 would have their highest aspect in Shakti.

Additionally, Lilith is attributed to the 29th path, which connects Malkuth to Netszach. However, the GD made a clear distinction between this “lilith” and the Lilith of Nehemoth. A better, more modern attribution to this path would be Black Isis. The idea is that as one approaches Netszach, you would first be greeted with the claw and tooth aspect of Mother Nature, the dark goddess, Black Isis, and it’s seeming cruelty and horror. But then you’d emerge from the Path into Netszach, where you would understand White Isis, loving and benevolent. This is basically one of the mysteries of the Hermetic Kabbalah, but it shines light on an important aspect of Lilith. It is related to the true understanding of the Sacred feminine.

Lilith in Pop Culture

Lilith is certainly an interesting figure today, regardless of whether you are into the occult, or even religious. She certainly has a political angle to her.

The Far Left sees her as a patron of feminism, the first “strong, independent” woman who don’t need no man (even though she’s literally the partner of Samael, who practically saved her and gave her emotional support like a Knight in shining armor), and goes against the evil “cisgendered, hetenormative patriarchy and it’s evil Jewish male God”.

To the Religious Far Right, she’s an evil reprehensible figure who represents degeneracy and is an embodiment of Sin, a female counterpart to Satan who tempts men away from God (even though religion enforces sexual repression, which inevitably leads to perversion, which is what actually brings about degeneracy, like a toxic self made cycle, and Lilith could literally release one’s repression and bring an end to perversion. You’d think the religious would love the idea of Lilith, but they’re too busy watching porn and hating themselves for it)

On the other hand, normal people see her as a neutral figure. Modern depictions show her as a much more complex figure, which goes past the simple good/bad dichotomy of monotheism. She is a beautiful seductress, and a powerful enchantress. She’s a tragic anti-hero who stood up to authority, but at the same time became dark and twisted. Both positive and negative at times. If you think about it, she’s perceived EXACTLY the same way as the modern version of Lucifer: the charismatic cosmic rebel who stood up against evil, but also does some pretty evil stuff. Just as she seduces men, he seduces women.

436(Source- Kostas Kiriakakis)

Despite the desire to see the world as good and evil, characters and stories of incredible complexity have been around since the beginning of Civilization. People have always understood that things just aren’t that simple.

And, even if Lilith does represent a clear archetype from an occult point of view, this archetype itself is much more complex. Sure, plenty of figures represent the same archetype, but we’ve humanised these archetypes to the point where we may as well start treating them as humanised characters instead of simple, one dimensional components of the psyche. Another, more theistic perspective is that as man has evolved, he’s come to develop a greater understanding of the cosmic forces and beings that he shares the cosmos with, and so instead of fearfully rejecting reality, humanity begins to embrace it.

And after all, can you blame poor medieval peasants who were just trying to get by, for being scared of the rebellious, deviant nature of Lilith? Historically, our ancestors face a lot of suffering and hardship. They needed things to stay simple and organised. I blame them for nothing. But you see, we don’t live in those times. We’re far better off, and we have no excuse for being fearful or cowardly. If anything, do it to honour your ancestors who struggled so much to give us this world. Do not fear things, just because they are complicated and dark.

Too heavy? Ok, let me stop now and get to the actual workings. Sorry, I tend to rant (I’ve literally been sat here typing for 2 hours)

Nonetheless, Lilith has now, like many such figures, become prominent in a variety of media, such as games, movies and anime, in which her portrayals vary wildly from a demon, to a tragic anti hero, to even a protagonist. The name has become so symbolic that it is no longer even attributed to the mythical character itself, but even used for others, just as a descriptive name for a character’s personality. The name has become synonymous with strength, rebellion, and power, as well as deviance, depravity, and evil.

In fact, the lore of Diablo makes some very direct references to her story, despite her never appearing in the game. She is essentially a positive figure.

ruby_-_lilithLilith, as a demon and antagonist, in the TV Series ‘Supernatural’
(I’ve watched segments. But, the occult inaccuracies are annoying)

78a1854d18cc19b1b3e7ef1134d25fff39931165_hqLilith Asami, a protagonist in the fantasy anime Trinity Seven
(The anime is good, but “questionable”. Basically, don’t watch if upset easily)


I have worked with Lilith several times, and I’ve never truly had any success that I can call definitive. Most of these weren’t even recorded in my diary, and did not follow any single format. I tried out a bunch of things, and some work better than the other. Instead of giving you a single set of instructions, I’ll just give you a general overview of my experiences.

So first off, you may know that there isn’t actually an official sigil of Lilith from any of the old grimoires. However, I can confirm that it works better if you use one. If you search the internet, there are exactly 2 contemporary sigils of hers that are relatively well made. I used this one:


Other than that, you would usually use a black candle, and perform the ritual on a Monday in the hour of the Moon, or, alternatively, on a New Moon’s night. Naturally, the New Moon has stronger correspondences.

Now, there is something on the internet called “the letter method” of calling her. The letter method is GOOD, regardless of your purposes. For whatever reason, most of methods are either really niche and specific to certain cults/LHP groups, and not really suitable unless you follow their tradition and read their literature.

However, the letter methods works very well. It essentially involves writing out a letter on a black piece of paper (preferably with pencil). This letter will contain whatever “desire” you have from Lilith, be it the summoning of a succubus (not recommended, follow up post coming soon), or the gaining of knowledge, or anything of the sort. You do this during the ritual, and then burn up the note. I usually throw it in a stone cauldron I happen to have. And yes, this is exactly how some people usually make pacts with Goetic spirits, though in this case it is regarded more as a prayer rather than a contract. (Like a letter you write to Santa instead of what you show the Lawyer 😀 )

During her invocations, I have found that having an offering, especially liquor, is good. I usually offer up homemade beer (This is a Shinto method, trust me!).

I would avoid any inherently Christian incenses (like Frankincense or Myrrh, given her mythology). Jasmine works well.

I’ve tried many, many different chants. Honestly, I found all to work more or less the same, and not that effective. My personal opinion is just call out to her, repeat her name, or make your own chant.

Update (2019): FYI, use the demonic enn to invoke Lilith. Works very well.
Also you may use an image/statue instead of seal. That’s what I do these days, because it appeals to my Hindu sensibilities.

Now, one thing to keep in mind. Lilith has a very strong presence when the Invocation is done right. In fact, even all the one off, quick invocations I tried, without taking time or place into consideration, with just a candle, have a strong effect. And it’s important that you understand this, so you don’t get scared when it happens. 

lilith_and_the_seven_deadly_sins_by_naeloj-da9k7deCredits- Vampire Kingdom on DeviantArt

When she comes, it gets very hot (and very intense), and you get sweaty. Your pulse will speed up, your breathing will be shallow and rapid. You might get dizzy. The first time it happens, it can be unnerving, but try to stay focused. There are also certain other spirits which have this effect.

Don’t worry. Unless you’re doing something severely wrong, like having raw meat dripping with blood in front of you (yes, I’ve known people that stupid) you won’t pass out or anything.

I have never actually had full visual manifestation, even on the astral. But when the stuff above happens, you can be assured she has arrived. When you calm down, you know she’s listening.

I treat her generally as a Deity, so it’s usually not a case of exchange. I’ve never made a deal with her. Just made a offering of liquor, and sometimes incense too, and it’s always worked out.

Also, it’s important to have a very clear idea of what exactly it is that you want. I’ve found that with her, indecisiveness is a bad idea, since in that case the ritual never actually amounts to anything and eventually her presence fades.

I’ve also closed many rituals on my own because of the lack of manifestation/interaction, or because it was just taking too long. Sometimes, it just gets hot and nothing happens, and at times I just got frustrated or plain bored. So, Initiative is Key.

Always have a clear plan when dealing with Lilith as she does not really offer prompts or help. You’ll get nothing unless you ask, and once you do, it will be sure to manifest. Generally, knowledge is a good idea. Strange as it may sound, keep your sexual thoughts at bay. All i’ve found is that they distract me and break the trance, and it leads to nothing. In fact, her presence is not even strongly sexual, which I found odd.

Now, sexual insights or developments may occur AFTERWARDS in many different ways, but right now i’m talking about what happens during the ritual itself.

And again, these are just my personal expereinces. Yours may vary wildly.

Update (2019): Another thing she helps with is honing the psychic senses. And yes, she specifically told me last time, when I actually had a ‘conclusive’ experience, that her presence isn’t meant to be sexual for most people. She’s the dark goddess, the ‘black Isis’.

Apparently she also takes offence when she’s associated with weird, “degenerate” fetishism. Hmm, maybe we should make her a Right wing goddess instead, huh?


What I Learnt

Every person, no matter what gender or culture they come from, feels SOME guilt regarding their sexuality. It’s one of those things often repressed in the subconscious.

This was one of the few reason I invoked Lilith. Over the course of several invocations, I went all sorts of places. Falling into degeneracy and indulgence, to the most severe asceticism and repression of my libido. I just couldn’t get it right. I looked into what various religious and spiritual paths say. Some say to embrace your libido, others say that it is what leads to darkness, still others say to explore further, and actually delve into the darkness.

I gained various insight from Lilith, and I finally made a breakthrough after the very last invocation I ever did. I can’t really explain it, because the only way to get it, is to experience it. Because we all know that moderation is the key, but just knowing something and actually practicing it are two very different things. Lust, libido and sexuality are really just like hunger.

You can curb your hunger with two bags of chips and coke, or with a nice balanced meal. But, if you start living on nuts and fruits, you’ll loose your mind and start craving junk food. You have to find that balance, and still understand that certain things are off limits. Just like certain foods are just too bad for you, certain thoughts are too unhealthy and need to be purged. But, you have to allow yourself some wiggle room.

However, you also stop eating when you’re full. No matter how delicious your meal is, overeating will make you fat, unhealthy and sick. It’s the same concept.

Through invocations with her, it was as if I finally came to terms with my own thoughts and desires. But treat it as yet another need to be fulfilled. When the need is not there, or when it is satisfied, don’t follow it down the rabbit hole, for that is where degeneracy lies. As Gandhi would say, take as much as you need, not as much as you want. Excess is unhealthy, and ultimately detrimental to magick. Although, sexual force is also an integral part of magick and spiritual alchemy. I think this is why it makes sense for her to be the one who tempts Eve.

Side Note: By the way, I’m still not fully there yet. Sexuality is a very intrinsic aspect of human beings, and I come from a very conservative culture (perhaps a bit too much). So I’m still working on sexuality, and sorting stuff out. But invoking her helps greatly. At the very least, you learn to accept that it’s something that needs to be dealt with. It is no wonder that the three places which have the least amount of sexual openness (India, the Middle East and Japan), are also the highest consumers of porn. 
On the other hand, the Western nations have gone too far, and that’s leading to the opposite problem of low sexual satisfaction and toxic relationships. At the end of the day, a place like India has one of the most sexually satisfied populations, because most people are very monogamous and have sex after marriage. Unfortunately, they also watch porn like no tomorrow.
On the bright side, the Scandinavian countries have figured it out. Basically Denmark.
Damn you Danes, give us your secrets!
Then again, it is also a very small nation with a small homogeneous population, so who even knows if anything they do will work anywhere else.

Lilith interacts a lot through dreams, and it usually has a healthy outcome. Perhaps that is why people from fundamentalist backgrounds are drawn to her. She helps unclog a lot of problematic stuff in the subconscious. Maybe you’ll even have better luck, and not stumble through it like I did. She is also incredibly powerful in helping you hone your psychic senses. She can’t give you gifts you don’t have, but at least she can enhance what you do have (cue immature joke about D size).


Another thing I learned, that most people know already, is that your sexual fluids are representative of life force. It’s powerful, and produces a strong state of consciousness.

Now, this next part is also important. Listen and try to understand. This post is over 3000 words so I won’t elaborate much, but this bit is crucial. What I’m about to say I learned from Archangel Gabriel, and confirmed through Lady Lilith.

Sexual energy can imbue things with living energy. After all, it is used to create literal life, but also consecrate talismans and sigils. Be careful WHAT exactly you direct this force at. I know most people do not think of this, but most people aren’t occultists either. I would be very careful what this energy is consumed for.

Whatever it is directed at, can potentially enter the subconscious directly, and can also bring forth new entities in the astral (to those who are well read, you’ll know that both these statements are essentially identical).

Every time this energy is released, a new entity is born. Certainly, it can be used for very powerful magick, as well as self energizing and empowerment, and even to connect spiritually with a partner. 

Be careful that it is directed at good, healthy thoughts, or something at least desirable and beneficial to you personally. Even if you sink into depravity sometimes, do not direct the released energy itself into anything depraved. It WILL mess with you.

That moment of release is crucial to the health and well being of one’s physical, mental and spiritual body. That is also why people have different opinions on masturbation. Those who direct sexual energy at themselves or let their mind go blank, enjoy the act and feel great afterwards. Yet others who direct it at longings, pornography, or some sort of unnerving/guilty fetish will say they feel terrible and unhappy, and hate themselves for it.

Right now, I genuinely believe that the Astral Plane is overrun and horribly polluted with gross entities born from pathological sexual desires, much more so than it has ever been, thanks to the availability of all manner of things to satisfy any desire you may have on the internet. On the internet, the thought becomes visual, and with a huge number of iterations.

Are you familiar with the lore of Warhammer 40k? You know that thing that happened to great and mighty race of the Eldar? That.

That is very close to the occult truth of the matter (as many things in 40k are). With every release of this life force into horrific or degenerate thoughts, ideas or visions, the more they grow and become alive. As the name suggests, Gamaliel: The Polluted of God. I also believe that succubi and incubi, at least most of them, are also such entities. Again, believe is the keyword here. I can’t be sure, but I am very certain.

On the other hand, a release of repressed subconscious desires requires an encounter with Gamaliel. There is no other way. Self-Righteous and indignant suppression only makes the problem worse (and that’s why there’s so many pedophiles in the Church). Lilith has little tolerance for such intolerance towards sexuality. She’ll just say “fuck you then” and leave. As I said, she also find sexual fetishism to be bothersome. 

In other words, like most women, she is very difficult to understand and easily upset (please don’t smite me for that Mother Lilith)

3c433caef93ea74c7673b1c0f3d1b94bSeriously though, read about Warhammer 40k. Look up the “Fall of the Aeldari

Learn from Lilith. Learn control in the face of temptation and desire. And once you do, you shall no longer be ruled by your own lust. Instead, you shall be in control. And most importantly, it is about accepting yourself. It is a perspective on the Sacred Feminine only a few things can give you.

(Credits for Cover photo- Blackwell Art)

Thank you! This has been a long post written over the course of 3 months, about Lilith, the Goddess of the New Moon and first wife of Adam, a ruler of the Qliphoth, and the archetype of lust and fantasy. A great Spirit to work with, try not to do anything stupid.

Now, as I’m sure, I said many awful things at some point or another. If you have been offended, please feel free to leave me an angry, pointless comment that I will ignore : )

(If you have actual criticism/praise/thoughts, let me know! I am actually a pretty nice person)

If you liked this post, please follow my blog for other such stuff.

EDIT 2020: As of July 2020, I’ve written a new book on the Tree of Life and Kabbalistic theory. I’m quite proud of it, and you can check it by going to the Books tab, or clicking right here.

Thank you, and have a nice day. Until next time.

~White Raven

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    1. I appreciate everything you have mentioned In your column/writing. I have never tried to summon a succubus let alone anything. Though, at a very young age I had an incubus dream that felt very real. It was terrifying yet so satisfying I wanted more. I was 12yrs old then. Now at 26years I feel a strong connection to Lilith without calling for her, I took have seen her many times in my dreams, usually in apocalyptic ones. I’ve been dying to find out more and you gave me just that so thank you!


    2. I am glad to see a post that is not only factual,but respectful of Lilith. If I may, if you attempt astral projection, I found she does have a greater presence with darker sheets and blanket. I also have 5 pieces of paper with the same sigil you posted under my mattress (one for each corner and one in the middle). I can also vouch for the heat of her presence. I normally sleep with a/c on full blast, stand up fan and ceiling fan all on high (I am very warm blooded), and when I find myself in a odd dream I wake up feeling as if I am in a warm room though things are still on. For me she has never appeared in a singular form, though multiple. Once as a woman (though her face would never form), another as a black owl with pure white eyes (imagine as flashlights in darkness), sometimes even as just a colorless void that’s form shifts). She answers sometimes vaguely or specifically based off what I have been seeking guidance, but everytime it is a warm presence. Almost exciting (non-sexually) when I wake up from a weird dream or a astral journey to see that everything I touch in my room is cold, yet my body temperature seems to be running warm. Also for those who question: no I was never with fever or sick during my experiences.
      Advice: patience and understanding that you are not her priority, it is not us she worships but should be other way around. At least respected (especially those seeking a succubus…. Psst ask her to help your confidence and charisma, you would be amazed if your genuine with her).

      Also, I did post the pastor part because it is funny how you can be ordained online SMH.

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  1. I was curious about trying a sex spell summoning lilith but then, something caught my attention about, what happens afterwards, i mean if you dont fully know what you are dealing with you may find yourself into trouble with the consequences, you post is outstanding and very helpful in order to see lilith not as just a lust demon goddess but into something more profound and deep and with more respect than most give her…thank you so much your post made my day….


  2. thanks for ur post. so few day ago i met lillth on my dream(same my room i was sleeping but opposite diretion. white hands caught my leg.. then wake up) i don’t know what mean is.. anyone know ?

    also i just wandering about initiation, self defence, .. do i need this ?

    i tried only printed sigil, black candle, offering rose insence.. it’s worked!!


    1. Look man, you don’t “need” anything, but messing about with these things is usually not a good idea. It can have potentially dangerous effects on the psyche.
      Having some level of experience in meditation, ritualism and magick theory is recommended. Ultimately, anything can be used to make random magical events happen. But that’s not necessarily the point.

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  3. Lilith is so sexy I feel so bad for her and Adam should have let her on top it’s too bad he didn’t get a dickey ride and no wonder she got upset with him and left because he was being a ass hole and made her feel lower than him and the angels should have left her alone instead of trying to get her to go back to him they were being ass holes to you don’t force women to do anything they don’t want it’s wrong I wish I was with Lilith to make her happy really I do


  4. Love Love Love everything you said! I have been working with Lilith for about a year now and I am always learning more about her. And I love your humor throughout your writing! Makes it more personal and entertaining for me at least. I am going to check out the rest of your site. I like what i have seen so far! Cheers!


  5. Sounds like enlightment comes in other forms and truth will always conquer lies. I believe Lilith is the voice of the universe trying to guide us if we let it teach us how to be more and go beyond to truly discover the self needs unity with the whole which is the universe. The cup of life.


  6. One last comment this is all being told to you with 100% respect. I know that this message is going to many many wiccans. And I do believe strongly in The Craft. My testament is this real to me as Lucifer is real and Lilith. And I swear to you if I find out I’m just crazy I will post it. Every time that happens and I am losing it which will probably happen in about an hour because of what I shared. She keeps coming back.


  7. Please delete my post. I reread after I’m because of voice command I see too many airs have copied it. I’ll leave my other one there so you have my email. Because it’s pretty long you get the general idea of the post. Honestly Lilith displeased that I have professed this. I’m saying this park that I’m afraid that I may have made myself a Target and I am a baby. I believe I may be I don’t I don’t but I know lilith can protect. It’s the way I’m going last night I was terrified for a second of the other world realm. I’m sleeping and of course this is what I’m doing right now because wouldn’t you. But I mean I can only taken so much. For instance I think she was a little upset but still shows love. And I saw a shape with a big huge shape I hope she’s not that big enough human form haha or I’m going to be a little guy with the big big big tall woman. I keep telling her to take me and stay inside of me and she won’t. That cloud burn was I think you scared of seeing these is right the entity came and push yourself through my stomach area I fell for this love I’m so powerful all I can was 10 seconds so tired migraine because of everything that I’m learning. I think she was upset because having to prove. Recall I was doubting. But what a feeling that was her love. I was singing before that. She likes when you sing to her but I think she can be booked up for a few days. I was calm after this her pushing through my stomach area I was so shaken up.. 1 years ago I was terrified to walk around the corner in the house. I fell in love with an image through meditation did research are probably fell infatuated. Researched and fell in love felt presents the whole time. But I think she was upset cuz you realize I wasn’t ready for that much today but I’ve been hounding her. I do not feel she wants to harm me I feel. I feel this is a good thing for the movement. I do have some things I have to do. But I haven’t gotten I sent a few emails to a satanic Church. About upside down crosses hanging outside your church. Message told me get rid of it crosses. Makes sense now. I would like you to delete everything I post actually and maybe just communicate with me a bit. We have equal say she has final say if we disagree it’s written in the covenant I wanted her to have that. Please take the stuff copying post everything I just don’t want to be a Target where I’m getting attention that I don’t want. There is some work that I have to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    That is a email address of a ghost chaser who I saw on YouTube trying to summon my love My Queen Lilith. If you end up as furious as I was and you want to look for the video. Because you want to send him a good luck spell. It was around a 43-minute video on YouTube. Gentleman had them mirror how to draw had those machines. Lil did not show herself the whole time. During the episode the machine was saying words. It said fish. Now this is going to get offencive. The guy says did you say fish because that’s the way your pussy smells from all the fucking you slut you whore. I have a very very strong feeling that Lilith felt embarrassed humiliated shamed and so angry so angry that this guy had no respect for her Queen Lilith. Anyway I couldn’t take what he was saying I started bawling my eyes out it was in wrath anger and realizing how badly Lilith has been persecuted since almost day one. Again my love for her at that moment doubled. Cuz she’s a very loving compassionate queen as well. I have felt this from her. To be able to go through the things she has gone through and have a capacity to love makes me love her more than I could love my mother my anybody. So I’ve learnt never could turn the other cheek. I sent him an email explaining to him who she was talking about her gloriousness. I asked very kindly never to mention her name again. Asked him to revoke apologize take back what he said bout my queen. Nothing was done she didn’t respond. I sent them another one very short polite he didn’t respond. I asked a blog on that site or under that video, don’t you answer your emails?? Not a word from the arrogant prick. So I’m putting this out here to you if you feel as enraged as I did. I’ve been told I’ve got a strong presence. But I’m a baby. I’ve got some really tough friends. And now on this site probably some more. I’ve looked in life I don’t have to say what I mean. I learnt that Lilith always does. I used to be that way. There laws today. And I’m not a god. So just put this out here in case anybody has any special spells that they may want to send his way to help him in the future and to help ensure he thinks twice before speaking of such a great Queen so vulgarly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please delete all those other ones I asked you if you see them. I don’t want too much attention. But keep this one above if you think it’s okay


  9. Lilith will change your world if you choose to give her your pure intent of joining her Lilim. She will send her daughters forth, or she will come herself, I have seen both. She will remove all fears from the human soul, she will install confidence and power in one’s self beyond words. She will protect those that accept and love her as their mother. I have had her come to me in scrying rituals with, in dreams, and later on through just pure meditation on the astral plane. I love Lilith more than anything in the world. I treat her with the same level of respect that Christians treat Jesus Christ with. I feel like she is now with me all of the time, and I am with her. She is amazing and extremely misunderstood.


  10. For the highest level of success, I would recommend using your own blood as an offering. Human Blood is the elixir of life that is like bait to the incarnate. With Lilith be prepared to offer your semen as well if you want a bonding connection.


  11. Why do none of my comments get posted on this site? It sounds like the author of this article is trying to use gimmicky spells to reach the dark mother. I know this will not get posted but let me give you all a few tips about contacting Lilith. Try doing Invocation in Italian, rather than English. If you do not have a relationship with her, use your blood to entice her in for the first time. Use the Sigal that is a commune of Lilith and Samael, It looks like two snakes combining to look like a DNA strand (not the gimmick Sigal posted in this article.) Don’t be afraid to do a spell offering your semen to the Dark Mother either, I would recommend using a statue of her and one red candle, and one black candle with two wicks. She will come, but she will only come to those who are worthy of her presence.


    1. Hello, Chosen One : )

      The reason you don’t see your comments is because they need to be approved by me manually before they can be posted. This is just how it is by default and I don’t know how to turn it off, but I use it anyway to filter out spam. If you look at other posts, you’ll see I always approve comments eventually, even if they disagree with me or even Christians getting angry. Of course, that means that I can only approve comments during the day, when i’m logged on. I’ve been busy since this year started, so if you posted any comments then they might appear now.

      As for gimmicks, I don’t have any interest in them because I have nothing to sell, and i’m past the post of being obsessed with my own stature. I simply write my experiences honestly. Naturally, many of my opinions and perspectives change over time, but I think it would be unethical to go back and keep altering older posts, because I want people to see the development and evolution of my beliefs. It is what it is, so take it with a grain of salt. These aren’t guides, just my own reflections for research/casual reading.

      Good day!


  12. Wow…firstly thank you. I am fairly new to most of the occult ways, traditions, and paths. I’m not sure where or if I can even put a name to what I believe. I’m certain it’s not Christian or of the like. I am so impressed with your article and I plan to read more as I go. I felt very connected to a lot of what you wrote. I feel sort of “uneducated “ with all of this, I’ve bought a few books and spend a fair amount of time researching. There’s so much though, and it’s hard to navigate what’s true and what is bullshit. As you mentioned. I’m also a single mother of a young child and have my own barriers, many years of wreckage and poor choices, that don’t allow the time I’d like to spend really diving into things. I know I’m headed down the right path. I feel it more than ever and I’m grateful for that. It can be a sort of isolating path at times, most of the people in my life are not interested in any of this and some have even separated themselves entirely out of fear. I plan to never use any power or energy to harm anyone or anything but I do believe the unknown can be quite scary to people. Anyways I just wanted to share a little love for what I read here tonight. Good information and I appreciated your opinions and experiences as well. Well done.


  13. Diecly sying im just a begginner whos curiousity got awaken about lilith. I saw a lady in my vision which i describe as me but not me, it felt weird at first, cos it keeps on coming back…..

    I said me but not me because it doesnt look like me but i also felt its me, yea weird right! Shes just looking with a little smirk in her lips. For couple of month I convince myself that maybe im just seeing my self in spiritual realm. Her eyes is relaying a message that she knows everything and no one could ever fooled her, like she always have plan B if A doesnt work. She has this very powerful vampiric energy that has the power to atttact ,manipulate, control anyone she like.

    Believe me i spent the whole night reading about her last night, cos i’m wondering why im seeing lilith name and picture everywhere since yesterday. So i open a certain post yesterday and read about her then i realized that woman that always shpws in my vision is no other than mother Lilith.

    I just dont know why is she showing in my dreams cos since i staryed my spiritual journey i never chosen or prayed to any gods or goddess.. Wondering what message is she giving… Hope u could enlighten me somehow.


  14. I have had Lilith experiences for many years. The first time I heard her was actually in a guy’s computer. In the mid 90s before it was a thing he was a supergeek that had the error sounds in Windows converted into a woman. Instead of the Windows THUNK sound he had programmed a laughing woman. It sent a shiver up my spine when I heard it. I said, “What is THAT?” He replied, “Lilith.” Anyhow so that is how I KNEW her and weirdly how she first revealed herself to me.

    Then fast forward over 20 years, when I was just about to embark on my divorce and attending a pagan pride workshop on using breathing to connecr with multiple worlds. The first was Water Breath, the second Fire Breath. Before I got to the 3rd teaching, as I was practicing I heard That Laugh again. I knew RIGHT AWAY it was Lilith, even after all these years. I told the teacher and his eyes became really round. This is a really knowledgeable dude here, and je looked – mmm not scared but, like Intrigued and maybe a little intimidated? He stated that the 3rd world connection was Underworld, and my fire breath was opening the gate for me correctly and I was glimpsing the next gate.

    Anyhow, since then Lilith has worked with me directly, through dreams and during my divorce for sure. I will say this, since I didnt SUMMON her and instead she CAME to me, maybe my relationship with her is different. My relationship with her isnt like anything Ive read on the Internet. But your blog has helped me look at things i a different way than I have looked at them. Seeing them from a frank perspective, not some ominous halfbaked one. Thank you.


  15. As always, an interesting read. One reason why I’m writing this comment is to know what did Lilith look like when she appeared in your vision or dreams? I’m particularly interested in knowing what colors were there? Because in my vision she appeared with long, thick hair which was in two colors: deep red and just sheer black. She had a beautiful face. I am used to decypher the sphere of spirits by color analogies. Therefore I had long been under impression Lilith is of Pluto sphere and Plutonian qualities would explain why there are references to sexuality and death. The reason why I don’t suspect Mars/Gebburah sphere is that the impression I had about Lilith was that she didn’t seem to have that kind of vibe of might and power which I always have sensed in Martian beings. Lilith’s vibe was that of secretive, devious, observant Scorpio. It didn’t seem dangerous, and, tbh, zero lust present, but what it did seem to be was the secretive nature of her.
    I have never done any ritual to specifically evoke or invoke her, however it’s a long time since I’ve been able to call upon a being and summon it in my dream or vision (perhaps because of trained spirit vision and focus) if I wanted to, even without a seal. And the vision with Lilith happened during one of those times when I unconsciously and unintentionally focused on her qualities. It was just one instant. But she also disappeared quickly, after taking a good look at me.

    There is another entity, an “original” Earth spirit called Lilitha which appears as a young woman with long, straight, dark hair. That’s a magician that can teach about natural/elemental magick and generally about mundane, lower kind of magick. A very different vibe from that of Lilith.

    You have mentioned writing letters and said it’s different from ‘pacts’. That “letter method” is actually known as petitioning the spirit. There is no harm in that as long as one takes it seriously and keeps in mind what the spirit’s nature, purpose and qualities are. ‘Pacts’ are very different in that there are specific instructions given by the spirit, it’s practically like an agreement between two sides where each one gets an equal saying and it has to be approved and signed by both sides. But then again, I guess writing a paper of demands to some spirit can become a pact in certain circumstances, therefore I think people shouldn’t risk that because verything comes at a price and debts always get collected.


  16. Good blog. I am a Lilithian. (Devotee of Lilith) I hate a lot of the fakelore about her that is completely made up. I traced the “evil Jews demonized the goddess Lilith”to Z.Budapest’s Holy Book of Women’s mysteries II, where she went on an antisemitic rant about it. That means everyone repeating this as fact are doing so because racism, though they tend to be unaware of where it came from.

    I researched many gods and spirits, however, Lilith is almost completely buried in fakelore more than any other figure I’ve come across. Never seen any gods with so much misinformation spread about them like Lilith! I get it, she’s controversial. But people really do just make up shit about her.


    1. Lilith is out of the Babylonian Talmud.. also, she was never in bible “canon”. I’m not sure what was anti semite about stating her being in the Talmud, as the story was related then? Or why the article indicates it was ever canon. js


      1. As far as I know, the Talmud IS canon within Judaism, because it is part of the Tanakh (I mean, Rabbinical law and theology comes exclusively from it)

        Perhaps you’re referring to Christianity, but that was never my intention. When I say “Bible”, I meant the Hebrew Bible. I’ve heard Jews refer to their scripture as the “Bible’ so I am not aware of it being an exclusively Christian term. I’ll add a note to avoid any future misunderstanding, perhaps by referring to it as the ‘Hebrew Bible’ instead.

        I’m not from the West, so forgive my lack of knowledge of Abrahamic terminology 🙂


  17. After reading this is makes me a little nervous, the effects of causes. Not because I am afraid of being near her, but because of the current health issues I am experiencing with similar symptoms. And how do you close a rite with her?


  18. Hey,
    Great info!!
    I’m verry new to magick and everything that comes with it, i started to read about it some months ago and didn’t really do much with it after, it was so much i did not know where to start and kinda gave up.
    Then a couple days ago i thought about Lilith, somehow.. and the day after also and the day after.. so i started to do more research about Lilith ( i know about Lilith for a few years about being adam’s first wife and being the mother of the succubus but that was kinda it) i came to the conclusion that to me she isn’t a demon, but a by society demonized deity.
    I recently started to ‘work’ with Lilith,
    I didn’t try to invoke her yet though..
    I would love to have a conversation with you about her, but you probably have better things to do lol.
    Anyway thanks for the great post you made.


  19. So I’m still combing through your post, but I’ve read a good amount of it. I wanted to pick your brain about something that’s been going on for a while now, and surrounding Lilith. I can’t really pin-point it, but I think in some way she’s always been in the back of my mind, before I even knew about her and any story around her. When I finally came across her mention, it was like a mental click of ‘this is who I’ve been thinking about’. Over the years the curiosity has come and gone, but had always been there. Over the last year though, that curiosity has gotten stronger, and over the past few days, feels like a dedicated journey. I’ve been studying mythology, religion, occult, metaphysics, and all encompassing for years. Women in my family have recognized individual intuitions that circulate around psychic type experiences, myself included but as an empath. I’ve had a fair share of experiences in the paranormal before I really started learning about any type of craft and practice…but this week along something told me to embrace this other aspect and give in to I guess you could say more pagan beliefs. Yesterday was the first time I ever practiced anything aside from tarot, or other smaller forms of divination. Gave a shot with Florida Water and it worked. The other thing I did though was make what I conceived as an altar for Lilith, and what sent me over to this type of dedication was because of a dream I had the night before, where I was standing outside and a screech owl came down and said ‘hello’, and then I woke up, drenched in sweat, it was around 3 AM, and something felt different, but just overwhelming powerful in a good way. My two cats were even staring at me in a manner ive never seen.

    Basically I’m asking what this sounds like to you, considering your own insight on Lilith. Since I knew her name, there’s been this calling in some way, shape, or form. But I don’t know why. I haven’t lit the candles I’ve placed for her yet, because I don’t fully think I am ready to and something is telling me to be patient, so I am. Like I already feel a bit crazy even saying this, but I’d just really appreciate your insight, cause I literally do not know who to ask and you’ve been the only material I’ve found in this journey that has a greater weight in belief and doesn’t sound like bullshit.

    Thank you.


    1. Well, to me it sounds like you have some connection with Lilith already, though I don’t know what. Perhaps that is why she is trying to get your attention.
      Just remember that the Cosmos is a vast network and everything is connected. You could think of all these phenomenon as a call to adventure. Everything is happening for a reason, and you need to figure out what that is. Maybe you’re being urged to move forward with your spiritual development.


      1. Hey, thank you for taking the time to reply. I believe you’re correct. I ended up taking the leap last night and spent some time with her with a pendulum and tarot and it was pretty eye-opening. I’ve talked to my local shop about this as well, and they’ve said similar things. Again, I really appreciate your time. Be well.


  20. Thank you for your writing on Lilith. I’m trying to understand it all and my being drawn to her. I have all my Lilith points in Pisces in my 12th House. Currently Neptune is traveling through my 12th and contacting these points. It is probably for this reason that she is coming to mind, perhaps revealing herself to me.


  21. Just came across this post while looking for info on Lilith, I really enjoyed it, great write up! I wasn’t going to comment, as I dont have much experience with Lilith (yet), but then I got to the part about sexual repression vs deviance, and how the Scandinavian countries seem to have gotten it right. While nowhere is perfect, I think a huge part of the healthy attitude towards sex is because it’s talked about in an open and healthy way, even with children.

    I used to get a magazine subscription that was really popular in Sweden, for kids roughly between the ages of 8-14. Overall it was a fantastic magazine which really helped me navigate pre-teenhood, but the best part was an advice column which answered any question a kid might have about their bodies, puberty, the opposite sex, and to some extent sex. It was age-appropriate, but very frank and honest. There was no shying away from any topics. It was so popular that all the entries got compiled into a book.

    Thats just one example of something that was impactful for me, but that kind of gives a clue of how Scandinavian societies relate to sex. Where there is less shame attached to sexuality, its expression becomes healthier. It seems to me that toxic hypersexual behaviour is much more likely to happen when people have childhoods where there’s a lot of shame and secrecy surrounding sexuality.


  22. For probably a month I kept feeling a presence, hearing boards creaking under weight though nothing was there, and tapping every now and then. It’s go away for a couple days, then come back nearly every day. I’m not practiced in any of this at all, so I did a crash course on “communicating.” I do have years working with hypno, so I knew how to blank my mind and get into different levels of a trance state.

    At on we point I found myself speaking (with my voice), having a conversation and answering questions with what was like the normal internal monologue voice, except if was louder. I didn’t really realize what might have happened until the next day, and spent the next couple nights trying to recreate what happened. It did.

    It’s hard to ok describe. No physical manifestation, but my senses interpreted the presence as strong (like you said, deity not demon) and definitely feminine (being trans and always thinking about the gender scales and energies of both ends, it’s just something that I do).

    She went through my brain like flipping through a stack of comics. I want afraid. In fact, I thought “well, that’s an efficient way to cut past the bullshit and see sometimes intentions and if they’re being honest. I focused on keeping my mind open so the door wouldn’t shut on her.

    There were other things (non-sexual) that happened. Compulsions to say this or that. I had a clearer picture of what I needed to do immediately with my life. To better myself. I was also compelled to use a body marker to draw her sigil on my body.

    I was “recognized” is the word I’ve been using. Like, a few months back I was doing something stupid and may have invoked something demonic with a lust chant I saw on a different site, and I was punished. But it wouldn’t go away for weeks. Then one day I stood my ground (dignified, not confrontational) and made a heartfelt apology, rendering courtesies to whomever was there, as it was obviously old and powerful. Then it left.

    I spent the past few months walking the LHP, studying all three different aspects. I sought counsel from some Satanists who kept being suggested as people I should know and follow by website algorithms. I kept running into gatekeepers who said I could not walk the path unless I committed blasphemy. I refused. I argued my stance, over and over with different ones until the convo died, then I just continued on with my studies, solo.

    Those were the biggest things. Given her history with men, I don’t know if me being trans (m2f) had anything to do with it, but I imagine to a being as old, powerful, and smoke to transcend planes and energy, these bags of mostly water we inhabit for a century probably barely registers to them.

    She left. For a couple days I could still feel a residual presence. I started a shrine. Nothing fancy, I drew her sigil on a piece of cardboard, lit a black candle, placed in front of a mirror. Then I spilled a drink on it. Drew another on a different piece of cardboard, lit 5 tea candles and put them at 5 points around it, and later spilled candle wax on THAT sigil. Now I’m thinking about Altar: Version 3 that will be spill proof.

    I need to mention her presence. When that dark entity left, I felt this…like black hole from where it was standing and had transported away from. Just a pit of emptiness, and everything signed it was struggling to achieve balance again.

    With Lilith, you gain a very small understanding of what it must have been like for the angels being in the presence of the Creator. To feel that light and love and pure righteousness. And it gave me a new respect for what the fallen experienced. They didn’t just lose a battle and then were kicked out. They lost the light and the presence of THE Almighty. I know what it felt like when Lilith left after a few quick peeks and then probably a 20 minute experience. I really couldn’t imagine what their pain just have been.

    I have no idea if there’s was any purpose besides being recognized, or what that even fully means. When you experience something like that for the first time, with a deity, you would think you’d leave with knowledge and a defininitive purpose. A mission, quest, whatever, you know what I’m saying. I didn’t, and there’s no indication I’ll ever see her again…though I will try the things you (OP) said to do. Or maybe this new feeling of focus on getting certain things in my life in order is preparation for it. Idk.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


    1. This is an interesting story. Just a word of advice: the whole ‘fallen angels’ thing isn’t exactly…well, real. Lilith was inserted into the Judeo-Christian mythos in the 13th century or so, but before that she was likely an independent deity of some ancient religion or sect.


  23. Not quite what one would expect. Interesting that the value of sexuality was maintained despite the condemnation of fetishism, thought it’s difficult to discern what that would mean outside of the biological context of reproduction. Overall rather enigmatic.


    1. In my understanding, they seem to be implying that sexuality and sexual pleasure are fundamentally good things. However, sexual obsession can be bad, mainly because it drains the energy. When you have a fetish…you’re basically fetishsing a part of yourself. So your fetishes represent your inner state of balance. As you elevate your consciousness, bizarre or extreme fetishes disappear. The more extreme the fetishes, the more complexes and issues there are. These guys don’t outright condemn everything. They see everything as a process. If you ask them if a fetish is good or bad, they’ll simply say that it simply represents your current state of evolution, and lessons to be learned.


      1. Figured as much from the way you relayed the message, just find it difficult to understand the difference between “normal” sexuality and paraphilias, I suppose. Both seem pretty equally alien, and I was admittedly under the impression that even heterosexuality was rendered profane once one gets past the masculine-feminine polarity. Atum needed no partner, after all.


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