Magickal Services for Career, Relationships, Spirituality, Health, Studies and Life in General

Hello. Today I would like to make a very important announcement, regarding some magickal services I have decided to offer.

Divination Services

Tarot Reading – $20

I will conduct three different tarot readings (depending on your needs) to give you clarity and information regarding any specific topic. This can be some specific event, person or decision, or it can be regarding your life in general. It can range from things like career, studies, relationships, and health, to spirituality, magick and the occult. I will also give advice on what to do next, and how to overcome the challenge you are facing, based on my divination. This is an excellent service when you just want spiritual insight on a single thing.

Natal Chart Reading – $45

Your natal chart is your astrological chart at the moment you were born, and sheds light on many aspects of your life and personality. It is a fantastic tool to help understand oneself, one’s path, and challenges that one shall face.
You shall receive a complete, magickal reading of your natal chart (far deeper than a generic horoscope). It will contain information regarding:
1. Insight regarding your possible life purpose
2. Challenges you are likely to face and overcome
3. Strengths and Weaknesses in character
4. Advice regarding career, relationships and education
5. Prominent angels/demons/deities which affect you
6. Suggestions about what spiritual path would suit you
All that is needed, is your place, date and exact time of birth. The more precise you are, the better the reading will be. I shall also give you a copy of your natal chart.

Ritual Services

Invocation of a Spirit, Angel or Deity- $50

This is my only ritual service for the time being. The idea is simple: you tell me which deity, angel, demon or spirit you want to connect with, and I will invoke them for you.
This works best when you specifically want to call upon a deity to guide you on your magickal path, and along with an invocation I shall also channel messages for you from them, along with anything else they give me, such as a sigil, chant or even something like a suggested practice and study plan.
In other words, it is perfect for beginner-intermediate practitioners who want a deity to help them move further. I suggest you pick a high ranking and prominent deity that you feel a strong and close connection to. If the deity you choose is too shady, or I personally feel repulsed by their energy, I may decline the service.
Often, deities will give a set of personal messages directly to the person who wants their guidance, and advice on how to connect with them. I will simply act as a bridge, and I shall give you my personal opinion, but ultimately I am simply connecting you with your deity of choice, and helping you connect to them yourself.
This service also applies to the Angels and Archangels, and even Saints and Ascended Masters. With Demons, it depends. I can invoke any of the Daemons which were ancient pagan deities, or those who are darker Angels. But I will not call upon actively malevolent Spirits.

If you wish to avail any of these services, please send me an email at with the subject line as TAROT, NATAL CHART, or INVOCATION. Include some basic details about what you need, and I’ll get back to you within 1-3 days (not counting Saturday).

That is all. Peace and farewell!
~White Raven