Occult Prints

Greetings. Yes, I make Tshirts now.

Well, as you may or may not know: I am White Raven, and I run this blog.

Here we talk about the Occult, magick, spirituality and religion.

Since organised religion is all but dead, political ideologies become more fringe by the day and no one is interested in all the crazy shit that’s happening in the world, it is now up to us to experiment with and make sense of things.

We must confront the metaphorical monsters hiding under the bed, the symbolic dragon that lives beyond the edge of Civilisation, and redeem our Father from the Underworld.

We must discover ourselves, fulfill our potential and show the Cosmic Gods what an upstart race of hairless apes can really do with a bit too much time on their hands.

All of this, of course, can be understood in the Mystery of the Cosmic Egg. Refer to Page 777 of your coursebooks please 😀

Alright, but what if you want some cool clothing to wear on your journey? You know, some nice prints inspired by Occult themes and symbols..

Well, today is your lucky day.
I present to you: The Revival

Revival banner

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If you were to go online and look for Occult prints, you would mostly find edgy satanic pentagrams in blood (thanks Hollywood) or just plagiarized images of Crowley plastered on a Tshirt.

This always annoyed me, because I like a bit of Occult merch. So I thought: I’ll just make my own.

Since I happen to be an Occultist as well as a designer, I’ve put my skills to use and come up with The Revival.

I take inspiration from authentic Occult themes from all over the world and turn them into minimalist vectors.


Everything, from Hindu motifs to Alchemical symbols to Modern Western themes. I add text where I can, and I have a lot of dedication to bringing you the best quality prints. Not just Tshirts, but also mugs, phones cases and banners.

These symbols basically function as sigils.

Wearing them will Empower you, and it also looks cool. I call it “Revival Prints” because we’re in the midst of an Occult Revival, a Renaissance where the ancient wisdom of our ancestors is coming back. What better way to celebrate it, but through art?

Visit my store at https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/TheRevival/

Design by Humans offers worldwide shipping and high quality prints in a variety of different styles for men and women. They even have a range for kids!

I’ve never done anything of this sort (advertising and selling my creative work) so I truly hope that you like these Tshirts and buy them.

Thank you

Until Next Time

~White Raven